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Tracey James

Tracey James

Chief Executive

I was once a keen young bio-technologist with hopes of becoming Australia's top female scientist in that field - until it dawned on me that it was going to take a very, very long time.

Being in a hurry and tiring of acid burning through my lab coat and ruining my clothes, I took a leap of faith. I switched to selling the products I'd used in the lab, working for companies like Merck and GE Health.

This led to marketing where I was surprised to find I loved explaining complexity in simple terms. Then, after a decade in biotech, I took another leap of faith; this time into marketing IT.

I founded Technoledge in 2004. By then, I'd worked for a few software companies who had great technologies but no marketing processes. In fact, they were giving their sale guys nothing more than data sheets and sales targets and wondering why they were churning so many - and being crushed by global competitors with crummy products but huge marketing budgets.   

I felt that technology marketing needed precision processes not empty promises, and being a technologist, decided to develop them myself. It's since become a passion and, these days, my team refers to me as 'the process nut'. It could be worse ... 

I don't just sit behind a screen immersed in logic and process though; I like to perform too. I've been a Toastmaster for 12 years and I love presenting - and teaching others how to do it. 

Some say I'm a tough taskmaster, but I couldn't possible comment. Read more of my story.

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