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Kim Brebach

Kim Brebach

Content Chief

I love people and words, and I've always been a writer. Even in my teens I was writing stories.

Later in life I did a lot of marketing and sales management for IT companies like Novell and I really loved the people side, but words and writing weren't getting enough airtime. I opted out about 10 years ago to focus on my big passion - writing.

The team here tells me they're very happy I did.  They tell me my story-telling transforms data sheets into engaging technology yarns. I guess that's why I head up the Content Team.

Tracey says I'm also a good lateral thinker and ideas person. That works well with her focus on process: I come up with the ideas and she makes them work.  

Apart from creative thinking and writing, I like to perform; I play guitar, sing acapella and I'm a Toastmaster too. I love public speaking and helping others to enjoy it.

Did you know that 50% of people say they'd rather die than speak in public? I didn't have the same problem apparently; my Ice Breaker at Toastmasters was the longest on record - 18 minutes! Read more of my story.  



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