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Content Marketing in hi-tech - why it works and how

It's the only marketing that works in hi-tech

What are your thoughts on Content Marketing:

  • Just another marketing buzzword?
  • Did you ‘try it’ and it didn’t ‘work’?
  • It's more of a cost than an investment?

Content marketing is a much-hyped term, but the basics aren’t new and it’s no buzzword.

Content marketing is the basis of effective marketing. It's giving your targets what they want, not focusing on what you want to sell. Smart marketers have done it for decades. So have we.

When content marketing is done well it works like this:  your prospects know what they want, they go looking and they find that you can help them. If you continue to satisfy their needs, they'll be moving closer to engaging with you. They're further along their buyer journeys than all those suspects in your database who, despite all your emails, still don't know really what you do. Buyers who qualify themselves in because they find your great content and it satisfies them are like marketing gold dust: they're more qualified sooner, at lower expense to you. No wonder people have been saying the content marketing is the only marketing that works. It's true.

If you do it well, content marketing won't just be an investment, it'll pay for itself manifold. In hi-tech markets, content marketing can really pay dividends, because your can be so very specific. You're selling a specific technology solution - not shoes to every woman on the planet. Your task is much easier.

Hi-tech content marketing in Australia

The Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as:

  • Creating content to engage specific audiences
  • Distributing it in the right forms and places so they find it
  • Using your content to drive specific audience actions.

Content marketing is the opposite of the old ‘spray and pray’ and 'one size fits all' marketing. The great thing is, with great content and smart technology, 'doing' content marketing well doesn't cost the earth - and it does deliver. For hi-tech companies in Australia, it delivers even more, because you can so precisely target. Whether you're focusing on local or global markets or both, targeting is the critical success factor in content marketing. You can read more in The Australian Technology Marketing Blueprint, our recent eBook.

The key to hi-tech marketing in Australia (whether your market is local or global or both) is un-complicating your technology so your audience sees how you can help them. At different stages of the selling cycle, your audience may be:

  • Technical decision makers tasked with finding out what solutions are on offer to solve a specific problem technically well, and
  • Business decision makers who want to be sure the technology solution represents a low risk to the company.

Effective content marketing speaks to them individually in their own language, with content designed to engage them and move them each of them to take the desired next step. 

Use online and offline content marketing

Your content is what drives both types of lead generation:

  • Online (internal and external events, referrals, networking, post, telemarketing and advertising) and
  • Offline (website, search, social media, email, mobile and banner ads).  

If online and offline marketing deliver your content, content marketing is making sure you deliver what technology buyers want, so they take the action you want, not just sit on the fence. Once you have your great content, matched to the needs of your audience, then you can choose the right online and offline marketing methods to deliver your great content and qualify your targets.  Find out how to get more out of online marketing in this blog post, and more from offline marketing in this blog post.

If you ‘do’ content marketing well, the prospects you want will choose you, and the ones you don’t want will qualify themselves out. This will save you time and money hunting down prospects who aren’t a good fit, so you can focus on genuine buyers who do fit. Great content marketing in the hi-tech sector achieves both - and it’s what we've done at Technoledge for over a decade.

How we do technology content marketing

Content marketing is in our blood. We’re not writers, digital agencies or developers who’ve just discovered content marketing; it’s in our veins, just like the love of simplifying complex technology. 

We’ve used content marketing for over a decade to help Australian hi-tech companies to win in local and global markets, against large, well-heeled competitors, too. This is how we do it.You can get all the rationale, methods and examples in the Australian Technology Marketing Blueprint.

1.     Define your targets

It’s likely that your ideal targets don’t exist in every sized enterprise, vertical or geography. In fact, your technology will have its sharpest edge in only some sectors or niches.


We help you find this ‘uncontested market space’ using our Hi-Tech Position Prism, the first step in the Technology Trinity, our in-house process for marketing in hi-tech markets. We help you define your ideal buyers in the uncontested space, those for whom your solution is the perfect fit. This is the starting point of focused, effective content marketing.

2. Decide what you want

Do you want your targets to call you, take a trial, purchase your technology online or buy shares in your company? What can you give them to persuade them to take this action? We help you through this vital step – the bedrock of the whole journey.

We also help you sequence your content so you have the right material at the right time – top, middle and bottom of funnel – to satisfy buyers and move them further in. This process is what we call the Hi-Tech Content Concentrator. It helps you create less content with more impact on your sales pipeline.

3. Discover your gems

The good news is, you don’t have to start from scratch. You probably have loads of content already – web content, data sheets, presentations, White Papers, webinars, videos and the like, that can be re-used.

We'll do an audit to find out what you have, and what we can re-purpose into compelling content to move your targets to action, including graphic forms that make complex technologies easier to understand. This is part of the Content Concentrator too.

4.     Polish and set them 

Different buyers need different incentives to move them closer to being customers. We work out what they want, when in their buyer journeys, where they go looking for it and what formats they prefer.

This is getting more bang from your marketing buck – re-setting your gems to attract and convert specific targets. This is a later stage in the Content Concentrator.

5.     Plan the journey 

Once we know who wants what in what format, we help you plan a content schedule, starting with the most accessible segments – that cliché of ‘low hanging fruit’.

We also look at what formats can be used in different places – web, social and email – so you get more value from each re-fashioned piece. It's all about getting the 'biggest bang' from every piece of content, and re-purposing it for as many uses as possible. It's also a very good way to increase ROI on your content marketing. It's what Velocity Partners called Atomisation back in 2011, and it works.  

Need a hand with content marketing services?

'Doing' content marketing isn't difficult, but it takes time, resources and focus.

You could try to do it in-house or contract a few external helpers. Yet, if you want your content to drive results and don't want to take chances, you could choose a technology marketing specialist like Technoledge. Marketing Australian technologies is all we've done for over a decade. If you'd like to see what we know, we've distilled our experience into the Australian Technology Marketing Blueprint, 22 easy to follow slides customised by industry.

We've helped over 100 local hi-tech companies build successful businesses, using in-house processes we've developed and proven in the hi-tech sector.  In fact, we're the only marketing agency that focuses only on high technology and only on Australian companies, helping them un-complicate their technologies so buyers see the benefits and open their wallets. See if we're a good fit for you and your technology.  

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