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Content Creation for high techs: how to unlock the door

Why quality beats quantity every time

Are you finding:

  • Lower responses to email campaigns?
  • Lower download rates for your carefully–crafted White Papers?
  • Fewer opt-ins from your website?

You're not alone; others are bombarding your targets with their high tech solutions too, and targets are getting tired of it. They’re busy, harassed and they’re shutting out anyone they don’t trust.

In high tech markets, being shut out is a huge problem - and a huge opportunity. Your content is the key to unlocking doors. 

While everyone else is mass-producing bland, unoriginal, recycled content, you can stand out by making yours exceptional. That means relevant and useful, or challenging and surprising. Whatever you create, make it different, authoritative and valuable and you could become a rare thing: a trusted source of technology marketing content.

For over 10 years, we've helped Australian high tech companies win the markets they need, by creating extraordinary content. This is how we do it. Get the full details of methods, terminology and examples in the Australian Technology Marketing Blueprint, our latest easy-to-read eBook.


Use content creation to drive your technology business

By the time we've helped you define your competitive strategy, you'll know with certainty what makes you & your technology exceptional, what your prospects crave, & where & how they want to access it. 

Now you need to tell your story with your distinct corporate flavour. The challenge here is to make your solution so enticing that others pale by comparison. This is where you can make your technology hard to resist for genuine buyers - and we can help you. 

It’s not about technology specs, speeds and feeds; that’s really un-appetising. Your targets want solutions to the problems that keep them awake at night. You need to show them know how your technology will help them sleep better at night, not how it works. Read more in How to Pitch to Non-technical Decision Makers.

You need to understand the buyer personas you're dealing with - who they are, what they worry about and want to achieve - and how your technology can help them. Then think about when they'll need this information from you. 

Having defined the right content for buyers and when they need it, we can help you convert dry data into appetising solutions that resonate with your technology buyers, and move them to action. 

1. Become a technology thought leader 

When you're the thought leader in your patch, your content is more valued, your opinions more sought and your solutions more credible. In hi-tech markets, it's vital to be a thought leader especially if your competitors are large global players. Thought leaders are smart, nimble and quick. The big guys aren't; it's why they often acquire those who are. This might be one of your goals, so proving thought leadership works with potential acquirers too. 

By creating the compelling content that genuine technology buyers want, and sequencing and delivering it to them when they need it, you can become the  thought leader in your patch. It's just a matter of planning and execution. We can help you, as we've helped other Aussie hi-techs.  Read more in How One Aussie Biotech Tackles Global Players.

2. Help technology buyers find you

Great content is how search engines find your website. If you have plenty of useful, authoritative web pages, blog posts and resource downloads, you'll meet Google's latest 3 criteria - Expert, Authority and Trust - and you'll be found. It’s not about tricking search engines; it’s about delivering on your promise, to web searchers and to Google.

We can help you. We create fresh, relevant web content that demonstrates your thought leadership - like White Papers, Feature Comparisons, Solution Briefs and Technology Reviews. We optimise it too, so search engines find it - and humans trust and share it. 

3. Build your hi-tech knowledge hub

To prove you know your patch, your website needs to be a hub of useful content for your hi-tech targets not just self-promoting brochureware. We make it easy. 

We transform your existing content into formats ideal for web - short, compelling White Papers, tempting Slideshares and videos, creative brochures and briefs, distinctive blog and social media posts and more. We re-use and re-purpose them, so you get far more use and value from what you have. This is what UK-based technology gurus, Velocity Partners, first called Atomisation back in 2011.

4. Build your social media profile 

Your prospects need to see you in the places they go. If they've never heard of you and don't know how you define yourself, they may not find your website. Yet, if your great content is accessible on the social media they use, you can temp them back to your great knowledge-filled website, and get the relationship started.

We tweak formats for the main B2B social media - Twitter, LinkedIn, Slideshare, FaceBook and Google+. We take comprehensive pieces like White Papers and Technology Reviews, cut them into easily-digested bites, wrap them in appealing livery, and deliver them with the right message and format, to build your profile, brand and pipeline.

5. Don't forget  offline marketing.

Don’t forget trade shows, investor events and user groups. Offline marketing has its place in the hi-tech sector, although it's a lot more expensive than online. Read more in How to Get the Most from Traditional Marketing.

We make your trade display really stand out, with compelling messages supported with gorgeous graphics. We also transform your presentations and create short, useful take-aways that are kept and read, not binned at the front door. See how to get more from your trade shows and events in How to Maxmise Trade show ROI.

Need content creation services?

Technoledge has worked exclusively with high tech companies for the last 10 years. We've helped them create compelling collateral that proves their expertise and authority, earns their targets' trust - and builds strong, sustainable businesses.  We can help you too.

See if we're a good fit for you or get to know how we think and work by reading the Australian Technology Marketing Blueprint. It's 10 years of marketing Australian high technology, distilled onto 22 easy-to-read slides. You're sure to gain practical strategies you can use straight away. 


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