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Competitive Strategy in the hi-tech sector - get excited

It's time to get real too

Have you:

  • Found the thought of strategy sends you to sleep?
  • ‘Done’ strategy before and found it was all theory?
  • Filed or tossed it and vowed never to read it again

You’re not alone; a lot of marketers do strategy this way. At Technoledge, we don’t.

Hi-tech markets are dynamic, and your marketing strategy needs to be too. You need a strategy and tactics that are well thought out and proven in technology markets, that are nimble enough to adapt to the rapid pace of change. If your strategy is concise, clear and compelling – and focused on your end game, not just a few quick wins – it’ll be mighty exciting too. 

Stand out from the start in hi-tech markets

Competitive strategy is all about you and competitors, and which of you is more attractive to prospects. While it may come to a ‘bakeoff’ later on, you won’t even get into the kitchen if you don’t make the long list. 

Competitive strategy is sorting out how to showcase your technology's edge, so you stand out from the very start. It’s how we’ve helped countless Australian hi-tech companies stand out in local and global markets, for more than 10 years.

We can help you too.

How we do competitive strategy in the  hi-tech sector

Our job is to make your offering irresistible & your competitors’ offering 'ho hum’. This is how we do it:

1. What makes you unique

Even if your technology offering looks similar, your people, culture, mode of delivery or service could be your edge, your secret sauce. Our job is to uncover it and find where it matters most to potential buyers. This will be the market space you can dominate and become the thought leader. We’ve developed a process for this called the Hi-tech Position Prism.

2. How to position you

Positioning is how your audience perceives you and competitors. We make your secret sauce the vital ingredient your audience can’t do without, making competitors taste bland by comparison. This is the second stage in the Hi-tech Position Prism, which looks at you and competitors through your audience’s eyes.

3. What voice to use

Do you want to be the thought leader in your market or the one with the best local service or something else? Your choice will determine your voice. Our job is to make it credible and persuasive, giving you a distinct, inviting corporate flavor that your ideal audiences can’t resist. This is part of framing your Unique Value Proposition or UVP and is part of the Position Prism.

4. What content to create

In hi-tech markets with long sales cycles, your potential buyers can consume a lot of different content. You could spend a fortune doing it all, or you could use the Content Concentrator approach: what content do buyers need at what stage of their buyer journeys to satisfy them to they keep progressing?

This is how we approach content: creating the right content in the right format, delivered at the right time to move buyers along. This will save you money and shorten your sales cycles too. 

5. How to pull it altogether

There are countless methods and over 1,700 marketing technology vendors, so you don’t want to test them all. You need to look at who your ideal audience is, what methods they use, what formats they prefer and choose the offline and online tactics that match them.

We’ve developed a process for this, called the Hi-tech Growth Generator , which helps you select, sequence and automate lead generation, so you can focus on high value leads, not waste time with pipeline squatters. See how it works here.

If you’d like more results from your marketing strategy and fewer words and activities, contact us for a 30 minute Triple OOO Call (Opportunities, Obstacles, Options). There’s no obligation or cost, and you’re sure to uncover some useful insights. 

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