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Make your High Tech communications exceptional 

It's not just your content. It's your people & process too

Have you:

  • Updated your website - but it didn’t bring more leads?
  • Created intricate email campaigns - with few results?
  • Presented to potential investors or partners - but they didn't 'engage'?

Once you’ve created irresistible content, targeted it to prospects’ needs and delivered it to them, it's not the end. Did they read it? Were they convinced? Did they take the action you wanted? If not, why not?

Until the purchase order is signed, the deal isn’t done and the sale can still be lost - even if your content is exceptional. We help you clear this hurdle, by optimising your sales processes too.

We’ve been helping Australian hi-tech companies unblock their sales processes for over 13 years. Sometimes it just takes a cool appraisal from someone who understands how prospects for hi-tech products think. We do and this is how we do it.

Ask some key questions

How easy is your website to navigate? How appealing are your automated emails? How simple is it to trial your product? How polished are your presentations? How persuasive are your presenters? How many sales qualified leads do you close?

We help you close the gaps and get closer to closing the sale.

We look at how your prospects engage with you. Is your process smooth and satisfying or is there a clunky step? We take an objective look and help you remove the wrinkles, including:

1.  Web engagement

We find the obstacles, the unintended surprises and the anomalies that might be creating push back. We make it easier to engage with you, and help you provide encouragement to prospects along the way, so they’re really enjoying the journey.

2.  Email communications

Are you sending too many or too few emails to prospects? Are they sequenced to make the journey fulfilling and pleasing? Could you send fewer, stronger emails with real benefits in them? How segmented is your prospect database? Do you have matched content to each step of the journey?

We help you simplify it all and align your actions with their expectations, so everyone enjoys the trip and keeps going on it.

3.  Presentations

As some stage, you’ll present your technology face to face. It should be illuminating and satisfying for your audience – but sometimes it’s not. It might be a matter of structure and sequence, or the need for simple concepts to balance technical complexity. It might also be tailoring the message to a business rather than technical audience.

We help you showcase your offering, in presentations with the best ingredients and the right order to satisfy your audience. Read more here.

If you want your marketing campaigns to be focused and compelling, delivering high quality leads not just reports, contact us for a 30 minute Triple O Consult (Opportunities, Obstacles, Options). There’s no obligation or cost, and you’re sure to see how you do campaigns in a new light.


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