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Campaigns in the hi-tech sector - put your content to work

Creating great content is satisfying - but doesn’t pay the bills

Have you invested in:

  • Email campaigns that didn’t deliver?
  • Trade shows that were parties for the sales team?
  • Digital campaigns that produced arcane reports but no real leads? 

Make your content work hard in hi-tech markets

Your content has one purpose - to move your targets closer to buying your technology - and your campaigns are how you do it. In markets for hi-tech products or services like yours, you have a huge choice of offline and online methods. You need to be really selective or you could spend a fortune. Find out how to get the most from both online and offline marketing.

We’ve helped Australian companies in the hi-tech sector for over a decade - focusing their dollars on campaigns that connect, compel and convince. 

Choose the right tactics for your technology and market

We’re not precious about any one marketing approach either; we use whatever works for your technology in your target markets. Most of our campaigns have several components, selected and sequenced to engage precise audiences, including:


What’s keeping your prospects awake at night? What search terms do they use to find solutions? Will they find your website organically or do you need paid search like Google Adwords? We help with all of this, using fresh, useful content, optimised the intelligent, honest way. Fooling search engines won’t work anymore.


Your website needs to be the online magnet that satisfies and engages your visitors.  We design inviting websites that are easy to navigate, that deliver on your promise, capture interest and convert your visitors. We also craft the web content to move potential buyers of your technology to action, on web pages and in resources to download.

It’s not just about beauty; it’s about engagement and conversion too. We also help you with Content Management Systems, so updating and testing your content is easy, fast and cost-effective.


Forget about the old broadcast ‘one message fits all’ emails. These days your emails have to be relevant and tailored to your audience, or they'll unsubscribe and you'll have to start again and replace them.  We help you build a quality database based on expertise, authority and trust, and to segment it and deliver to it the matched content your contacts desire. Email is the most effective marketing tool in hi-tech markets, because it let's you speak on-on-one with your future buyers.

We also score your leads, and keep the genuine ones satisfied until they’re ready to engage with you directly. We add automation too, to make email marketing easier to do, measure and tweak.


You can’t get away without social media anymore. Your prospects are talking about you and you need to join the conversation. We use inviting content, clever wrapping and targeted delivery to help you engage with the influencers and contacts you want to reach, where they are. As with all marketing tactics, content is what engages your technology buyers, not just delivery of a pretty package.


In technology markets, trade shows, conferences, user groups and breakfasts can't be avoided; they're often a vital part of the marketing mix. If they are, be very selective about what you choose and how you use them,  because offline tactics like these are are far more costly tan online. We help you get the most out of your events with crisp email marketing before and after, a stimulating visual presence on the day, persuasive content to take away and more. Read our blog posts about getting the most out of offline and online marketing.

If you want your marketing campaigns to deliver high quality leads, not just reports, contact us for a 30 minute Triple O Consult  to explore the  Opportunities, Obstacles, Options for your technology. There’s no obligation or cost, and you’re sure to see how you run campaigns in a fresh light. 

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