Toolkit 1: Uncontested Space

Who is this Marketing Toolkit for?

You, if you're a CEO, MD or CMO, and you want to stop burning cash competing in crowded markets and find the markets you can dominate - and you have the time and resources to do it in-house.

How it works

The core principle behind Toolkit 1: Uncontested Space is to view your company, products and competitors through the eyes of ideal clients in markets of best fit, so you can attract and convert more of them - without butting head-to-head with competitors.  

This toolkit is a complete end-to-end process including:

What it shows you 

Ideal Client Organisations: What makes them ideal, what they have in common and where your vulnerabilities lie 

Buyers: Who the main Buyer Personas are, what keeps them awake at night, how they view you, when and why they choose competitors, what they want from you   

Sales Process: Its stages and how they work, where the conversions, roadblocks and gaps are - and how to match buyers' needs to unblock and accelerate it  

Strategy: How to devise a short, targeted action plan - and agree and monitor actions to win and grow your uncontested space.

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Back then, a list of prospects was virtually anyone who would talk to us, which was wasting a lot of time. Now we have a very clear picture of which buyer personas in which types of firms are best matched to what we do, and a clear direction of how to engage every one of them, using individual pain points.
Russell Warren
Head of Product (North America), Milestone Group

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