Toolkit 3: Growth Engine 

Who is this Marketing Toolkit for?

You, if you're a CEO, MD or CMO who wants to build an automated Growth Engine that delivers quality leads when they're ready - and you have the time and resources to do it in-house.

How it works

The core principle behind Toolkit 3: Growth Engine is to attract, engage and convert visitors into leads that reach out to you - so you can focus on business, rather than chasing contacts who aren't interested.    

This toolkit is a complete end-to-end process including:

What it shows you  

Co-ordination: How to plan, optimise and sequence all the elements in your Growth Engine - without marketing 'overload' or missing elements or deadlines.    

Digital Campaign: How to design a 3-month digital campaign covering web, social and email, earned, owned and paid media to get returns quickly.  

Contacts: How to segment by Industry, Buyer Persona and Lead Status so you can target with precision - without too many segments or undue complexity

Which metrics to monitor and when to give you  a clear picture of results and ROI - without 'spreadsheet insanity'.

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Our marketing used to be pretty basic; Technoledge’s toolkits and processes have taught us a lot about Thought Leadership, lead generation and qualification. They make sense, they’re iterative and they fit together in a model that delivers leads.
Matt Tuohey
Managing Director, LimePoint

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