Uncontested Space: find it in technology markets

Who is this Custom Service for?

You, if you want to define the market segments or niches you can win and defend against any competitor - and you don't have the time or resources in-house to do it yourself.

Don't you already know this?

Sure, you know what verticals your clients are in, but don't you want to find those truly 'sweet spots' where Buyers:

That is what Phase 1: Uncontested Space will deliver. It's the first phase of your Growth Strategy: Uncontested Space is the focus for your Growth Engine.

Why the Growth Engine focus?

We believe that marketing should deliver results, ROI and growth - not pretty pictures, endless reports or impractical theory.

By building an automated Growth Engine that delivers qualified leads, we can deliver results, ROI and growth - while you can get back to business. Finding your Uncontested Space where new Ideal Clients are looking for your solution, is the first step.

What does Phase 1: Uncontested Space involve?

Unless you've tried our Audits or Toolkits, this might be the first time we've worked together, so we need to know about your products, clients and competitors, before we can discover your Uncontested Space.

Phase 1 is a Workshop, the most efficient format. It includes 5 important elements:

In addition, we scope the 2 next phase, to assist your planning.

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We thought we needed a quick website update, but this Technoledge process made us realise we hadn’t really considered our competitors, how our customers see us and what markets we are best suited to serve. As a result, we can now focus on just one market, which also better suits our channel model.
Nick Power
MD, Zettanet

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