Compelling Content: influence your technology buyers 

Who is this Custom Service for?

You, if you want to create the content that Buyers actually want, that will engage them at the Top and draw them through your Middle and Bottom Funnel, until they reach out to you when they're ready - and you don't have the time or resources in-house to do it yourself.

Do you already have content? 

We hope so. If you do, it will be much faster to convert it into compelling collateral that influences your targets, not just informs them.. Would you like authoritative, engaging content that:

That is what Phase 2: Compelling Content will deliver. It's the second phase in your Growth Strategy: Compelling Content is the fuel for your Growth Engine. 

Why the Growth Engine focus?

Marketing will be a waste of money if it's an expense. It should be an investment delivering  results, ROI and growth - not pretty logos, infographics and reports.

By building an automated Growth Engine that delivers qualified leads, we can deliver results, ROI and growth - while you can get back to business. Creating the Compelling Content that influences Buyers to take the actions you want is the second step of your Growth Strategy. 

What does Phase 2: Compelling Content involve?

By now, working with you, we will have defined your Uncontested Space, your Buyer Personas and what they want, your main Competitive Advantages and how to exploit them.

Now it's time to pull these altogether in Compelling Content that moves your Buyers to take your desired actions, and to reach out to you when they're ready.

In Phase 2: Compelling Content, we provide templates for you to fill that speed up the process. Using your input, we create the right content in the right format to attract specific Buyer Personas who meet your Ideal Client Profile. The process involves:

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I am amazed what you’ve been able to do with the material we provide. We fill in a template with the facts and, within a few days, you get back to us with them woven into a story with colorful customer quotes. If I were reading them as a prospect, I’d want to pick up the phone straight away. I’m really excited about this.
Russell Warren
Head of Product (North America), Milestone Group

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