DIY Messaging Strength

Is your messaging strong enough to exploit your competitive advantages?

That’s the question this Performance Test will answer.

Why choose this Performance Test?

If potential clients find your website and those of 3 competitors, are your advantages clear enough to convince visitors - or will they choose a competitor?

You website messaging needs to be strong enough to compel visitors to stay with you. This Performance Test will show you how.*

What's included in the test

Questions: A few preliminaries to put the test into context with your overall marketing objectives.    

Template: You check your website and those of 3 competitors for:

by ranking each website for over 30 criteria, and all 4 websites overall.* You'll need to be very objective when completing this template. 

We explain the role of each criterion, how to make it work and link to examples - so you can make the changes to strengthen your messaging easily in-house.  

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* A comprehensive Digital Performance Assessment is also recommended and is part of our Custom Services.

The last marketing company we used cost a lot of money and gave us nothing of any value. We gave them quite a good chance too. With Technoledge, the initial analysis alone was more valuable than anything we gained from the others.
Sam Forbes

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