Collateral Strength 

Is your collateral strong enough to influence buyers to act?

That’s the question this Performance Test will answer.

Why choose this Performance Test?

If your website has just delivered some leads, is your collateral strong enough to influence them to act - or will they go cold and turn to competitors?

You need to convince leads to stay with you and move down your funnel. This Performance Test will show you how.

How it works

Input: We ask you a few questions to provide context for the test.

Analysis: We check 4 of your marketing resources (such as an ebook, White Paper, Case Study, blog post, Use Case, Product Brochure, Corporate Presentation or  Marketing Email) and assess their ability to:

by ranking each resource for 30 different criteria. We also rank your collateral suite overall.

We explain the role of each criterion, how to make it work and link to examples - so you can make the changes to strengthen your collateral easily in-house.

Consult: An hour by phone with you going through the test report and answering any questions.

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I hadn’t realized how much our content was working against us and, if we got it right, how much it could work for us, until we did the performance test. Quite a revelation
Matt Tuohey
Managing Director, LimePoint

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