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Telemarketing – why you need it more than ever

Why telemarketing could be your secret ingredient

Where to use telemarketing – and when not to

Telemarketing has a pile of really useful benefits if used in the right way at the right time. For instance, if you’re new to a market with no profile and an unknown product, you wouldn’t cold call. You’d just burn up lots of money trying to educate contacts by phone. It doesn’t work.

If you want to follow up contacts who’ve downloaded your fabulous resources, you’d definitely use telemarketing, but you wouldn’t jump onto the phone after the first response. Watch for a pattern and check how widely contacts have scoured your website, and which juicy pieces they’ve consumed. Then you can call them with the next tempting item on the menu, which may be just the one that converts them. 

How we do telemarketing

We use telemarketing sparingly but often. Because it’s more expensive than online marketing, we like to do the filtering online and use humans when it counts. Your prospects are human and, at some stage, they want the human touch. Just like you get sick of IVRs answering phones, they get sick of automated email and web responses. If you don’t call them, your competitors might – and all your careful nurturing might go to waste.

We use telemarketing to follow up responses and qualify leads, for market insights and direct feedback, to follow up attendance at events and more. We also use cold calling for list building where we can target content to needs and ensure higher than average response rates. 

Read more about telemarketing, other offline (and online)marketing tactics and a whole lot more in the Australian Technology Marketing Blueprint.

We saw clear results after the first lead generation pilot with Technoledge. We’re running campaigns on a monthly basis now and each time the process is further refined.

They clearly invest a lot of time with their clients for every campaign, which is a clear differentiator to other agencies.
Hwei Oh
Marketing Manager, Sophos

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