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Why marketing technology is science not spin

Do you think marketing technology is the same as marketing tents?

Sure, some people may think that one marketing agency is very much like another. In consumer marketing of tents, toothbrushes or toenail clippers, this might be the case, but not when it comes to technology marketing.

Australia is a country that punches well above its weight in many markets, and technology is one of them. Just think of Cochlear's Bionic EarThe Polymer Banknote and CSIRO's WiFi hotspot. Ground-breaking technologies like these demand a very special kind of marketing: based on facts, truth and reality - and turning them all to the inventor's advantage. Technology marketing is not hype, spin and pretty pictures. It's creative thinking, back by solid science and process.

At least that's what we think, and what we've done over 11 years of marketing Australian technologies. (Find out how we pitch 5 famous Aussie technology inventions.)

Why technology product marketing is unique

The technology space is a dynamic and exciting place; it's changing at blistering speed, and so are marketing tactics and technologies. To compete and win in technology markets, you (or your agency) need to be up to date with:

Because technology markets move so quickly, the window of opportunity is open for even less time than in other markets. It might only be months before the opportunity you seize now is seen by others, then you'll have the added job of fending off competitors, while you fight to build your business. 

To grasp the opportunity and gain early wins to lead to sustained success, you'll need a sound strategy - one that's proven itself in technology markets - not a bunch of tactics to test drive at your own expense. We think proven process matters and we've distilled ours into The Australian Technology Marketing Blueprint.

Why we're rare among technology marketing companies

Although marketing is our blood, we came from a technology background too.

Our founder, Tracey James, originally qualified in Biotechnology, but quickly realised that her true passion was in marketing (not using) sophisticated technologies. Read her full story here. Later qualifying in marketing and business management, then adding IT marketing to the mix, Tracey has always been driven by robust, scientific processes, and these are key reasons that technology companies choose us; we work with the same attention to detail that you do.  

We've helped over 100 Australian technology companies to thrive in markets they can win, instead of spinning their wheels and burning cash in those they can't. We've distilled our experience into the blueprint or grab a quick summary below.

Our approach is driven by results. We feel that marketing should be an investment with high ROI, not an expense that drains the business. That's why our processes are so important. The crux of how we work is encapsulated in The Technology Trinity, a methodology we've proven across diverse technologies - from Biotech to Electronics, from Biomed to Information Technology.

The Technology Trinity has 3 main components:

Together, they represent a process that has been proven in technology markets, but is flexible enough to accommodate new marketing tactics and technologies, as they emerge. The Technology Trinity is based on established marketing principles (the art) backed by solid processes (the science). The best of both worlds, we think. Read more in the blueprint or see if we're a good fit for you and your technology

Marketing tech companies

As an example, let's look at electronics company, Procept. See more here.

Established in 2006, its aim was to 'enable small and medium sized businesses to access the same world class product development expertise as is available to multi-nationals'. That's useful information in the 'About Us' pages, but isn't tight enough targeting to define a market. When we started, Procept was competing with diverse competitors and its website delivered a trickle of leads. The Managing Director wanted differentiation and more leads.

Our first job was to define Procept's uncontested space - which was Australian electronics inventors (individuals, companies, spinoffs) seeking a partner who could reduce the uncertainty of new product development, by handling the whole process from idea to product launch, applying proven methodology. Once the market was agreed, we provided a strong tagline - Powering Innovation - and proceeded to redesign Procept's website, including structure and functions. We also populated it with the supporting web content and downloads, to attract and convert the right targets. This is creating compelling collateral to drive leads through the process of content marketing. 

Procept has won many awards for innovative design, and many of its products are unusual and cute. We decided to showcase both the awards and the unusual shapes on the website, so it showed (not just told) Procept's story. We interviewed their customers for case studies too, and found some brilliant insights and quotes from very satisfied customers. We built these all into the flavour of the website, and optimised the website for visitors and search engines alike, so they'd be satisfied too. That's the growth engine part of the process.

The project was a success, showing results very quickly. The CEO said the website was already delivering more leads in the first 5 weeks it had been live, than the old site had in 2 years. We went on to create more content for Procept to fuel their growth engine, with as little effort as possible. 

See if we're a good fit for your technology

We love working with smart Australian technologies and people and frequently, for each, we become the outsourced marketing department.

This is how our clients access the latest trends, technologies and tactics in technology marketing, at a faction of the cost of building a team in-house and a fraction of the efforts of managing diverse external providers. See if we're a good fit for you.

We also help overseas companies seeking traction in the local market, without incurring high overheads. We're happy to help out, so long as they don't compete directly with our local clients.

By the way, go here for a full list of marvelous Australian innovations. They go back a very long way.

We’re engineers not marketers, so it was fascinating to see Technoledge turn our spec sheets into an eye-catching website and collateral that actually say what we do.

The website’s also attracted more leads in its first 5 weeks live than the old website did in 2 years.
Aaron Maher
Managing Director, Procept

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