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Strategic marketing – it’s the most exciting part.

Do you nod off when someone mentions strategy?

What is your mental picture of ‘strategic marketing’? Long, boring dry documents that never get read? That’s not strategic marketing, but it’s why many don’t do it.

Strategic marketing is the most exhilarating part of marketing – because it links directly to your end game, the big goal. Do you want to float or sell your company or maybe bask in the glow of long term revenue? If you keep your goal in mind, strategic marketing is thrilling; it helps you choose the right path, the best partners, the most effective tactics – and discard everything else which just gets in the way. How good is that? 

How we do strategic marketing

We’d like to share your end game so we can help you win it – not just a few leads along the way. If we know the ultimate goal, we can help you devise the right strategies (big ideas) and the right tactics (marketing activities) to deliver on them. If we don’t, we could just end up going for a stroll together. Enjoyable, yes, but progressing your goal, maybe not.

On a practical level, this means we like to understand:

• Your sweet spot, where you really shine at what you do
• Your customers problems, what keeps them awake at night
• Where these two overlap and
• Where to find more like the customers you have.

Then we develop marketing content that supports your position as the only serious solution, and sequence it into campaigns (tactics) that deliver on the big idea. We keep our eyes on your big goal, we keep in close touch with you, and we measure and optimise what we do, so we know how close we’re getting.

Read more about our approach to strategy and a whole lot more in the Australian Technology Marketing Blueprint.

It’s been illuminating to get back to first principles - the pig picture - so we can focus on the marketing activities that will actually deliver and discard the rest.

For too long, we’ve gone through a tedious checklist of who’s done or not done what without filtering them for effectiveness.
Peter Woollacott
CEO, Tier-3

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