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Software marketing: cut through the jargon

Make it clear. Make it work.

Marketing security software isn't much like marketing shoes - is it?

Marketing world-beating Australian software like CSIRO's Internet Wi-Fi, Google Maps and the Anti-hacking Kernel is pretty special; it requires special skills too, the sort of skills we've developed over 10 years' marketing Australian high tech products and services. We think marketing software is nothing like marketing shoes.

Technoledge is proud to provide marketing services for many leading Australian software companies, helping them to position their technologies to compete and win in global markets, even against very large players. Read how one Aussie software company thrives even in red ocean markets.)

Recurring challenges in Software Product Marketing 

Over a decade of marketing Australian software and services, we’ve seen some marketing challenges recur, time and time again. Many software companies have faced some or all of these, at some time:

Are these familiar? Find out how more about them and how to overcome them in The Australian Technology Marketing Blueprint.

If developing ground-breaking software is your focus, you might look outside for help with marketing; after all, innovative software is your strength isn't it? Yet, you might find that general marketers aren’t much help in marketing high technology: marketing security software is nothing like marketing shoes. 

You might end up with bland messages that don't cut to your technology's edge, or help business buyers understand the real benefits or qualify better leads – and it might take some time to find this out.

We feel that marketing software is a specific skill, and one we've proven over a decade.   

One of the leading software marketing companies 

We’ve worked solely in high tech marketing for over a decade, with over 70% of our IT clients being in software - including Tier-3 Huntsman, Intelledox, Recruitment Systems, Translogix and DamSmart. 

Working exclusively with Australian companies, we’ve developed a methodology that helps them dominate the markets for which they're best suited. This is how many of them win against global giants, without having bottomless marketing budgets. See if we're a good fit for you and your software.

It’s called The Technology Trinity, and it works with any software in any market. It's based on sound marketing principles combined with built-in flexibility to adapt to the blistering pace of change in marketing techniques and technologies. The details are in The Australian Technology Marketing Blueprint and you can get a quick peak below.

The Technology Trinity has 3 vital components to building a successful software business in Australia and overseas:

Let's look at each in brief.

1. Find uncontested market space

Sure, your software probably has plenty of applications and markets, but do you want to spend a fortune trying to break into them all and win a tiny percent? Think about the maths: if the global market worth $1 billion, are you better off with 0.001% of the whole or 80% of 1% of it?

The answer is easier: find the uncontested space where your software is the undisputed winner - and spend your money dominating it. Apart from the reduced spend, by focusing where your solution shines, you can become the thought leader, while everyone else is fighting over the whole market.

For instance, Intelledox's Business Process Management software relieves the greatest pain for enterprises with thousands of customers, multiple silos of information and no way to integrate them. Yet, these very prospects have the most pressing need for precise communications for compliance and manufacturing. This insight allowed our Intelledox to focus on a handful of verticals, to quickly become the thought leader, and to add even more clients with the same problems.

Over 10 years of working with Aussie software companies, we’ve developed a process called the Hi-Tech Position Prism to help define the uncontested market space where your software shines, where you can become the thought leader, and win against any technology competitor. It's the first step in the Technology Trinity and its described in detail in the blueprint.

2. Create compelling collateral

Creating content is easier than ever, so your targets are being bombarded by competitors from all directions. They’re getting fed up and shutting out everyone they don’t trust, which means lower response rates for everyone.

To be seen as one of the few trusted sources, your content has to be consistently useful, relevant and timely and speak to your targets in their own language. This is especially so in hi-tech markets, where jargon is the norm. If you can cut through to your audience with content they actually need, yours will be read, and others won't. This is how you build thought leadership and differentiate from competitors of any size

We’ve developed a process called the Hi-Tech Content Concentrator, which helps you match your content to your target buyer personas, and where they are on their buyer journeys (as originally defined by MathMarketing). This is how to become the trusted source in your industry, regardless of how big your competitors may be. It's also how to convert web visitors into leads, qualified prospects and satisfied customers and it's the second stage in the Technology Trinity,also described in the blueprint.

3. Build a growth engine

You want marketing to grow your software business through a constant flow of high quality leads, to be an investment with high ROI - not an expense.   

As software development is probably your focus not marketing it, you need a marketing process that delivers leads reliably and consistently; an automated growth engine, if you like. Ideally, your growth engine should reach top gear quickly and cruise without needing much marketing fuel, so you can focus back on the next ground-breaking features of your software.    

We’ve developed a process for this called the Hi-Tech Growth Generator. It's the third stage in the Technology Trinity and enables you to:

Software marketing in Australia

Let's take an Australian example: Tier-3 is a smart Aussie software company who pioneered 'intelligent enterprise security' software.

Founded in 1999, Tier-3 is the creator of Behaviour Anomaly Detection, an incredibly smart way to detect anomalies in network and user behaviour. Instead of trying to protect the enterprise from any type of threat (it's a lost cause anyway), Tier-3's Defence Grade Cyber Security platform called Huntsman finds the anomalies that intruders or malicious insiders cause. These could be unusual coincidences of usual events - such as activity at a particular port, sensitive database access and network access after hours. When it finds such a threat, Huntsman alerts the IT security team to investigate. In this way, IT teams can focus on the relatively few real threats rather than trawling through millions of harmless security events every day.

When the CEO approached us, he had 5GB of info about Huntsman, that he wanted us to distill into 4 product brochures for an upcoming InfoSec conference. It was tough but we ploughed through it and found the ideal uncontested space: those industries for which security was critical, not just a nice to do or something to pay lip service. Tier-3's software was essential in government (intelligence, law enforcement, border control, national security) and infrastructure (ports, transport, power, water and telecommunications), and it was here it had the greatest traction and satisfied customers.

We re-cast the Hunstman offering in more clear and specific terms, and created the required brochureware for InfoSec, in record time. After the conference, it was time to tackle the website which was out of date, old fashioned and didn't showcase Huntsman's true advantages. We created an exciting new brand, restructured the website to focus on Tier-3's strengths, and rewrote every word to reposition the technology in compelling terms. Then, to support it, we created a series of hard-hitting, solution-focused white papers, targeting the problems that we knew were real concerns for the high security audience.

Over the years we've created over 100 collateral pieces for Tier-3 on tough, detailed topics like the risk of Cyber Espionage or Insider Threats, gaining better Threat Intelligence or assuring Privacy, Mobility or Cloud Computing protection. These were created to show the company's forward thinking and to showcase the CEO's uniquely, challenging voice. Some were so ground-breaking that some competitors tried to emulate them. We've also put Tier-3's resources to work in web and email campaigns that have delivered well above average download and conversion rates.

Tier-3 is an Australian software success story; a small company based in Chatswood, who successfully competes with competitors now owned by HP and IBM. Global competitors don't get much bigger than that.

Need a hand marketing your software?

The processes we applied with Tier-3 have been developed and proven in the Australian software market over a decade - and they deliver measurable results. 

You can access our thinking and all our methods, by downloading the complimentary Australian Technology Marketing Blueprint for IT & Electronics. If you'd like what you read, see if we're a good fit for you give us a call to discuss the Opportunities, Obstacles & Options for your software. You're sure to discover strategies you can implement straight away. We'd love to help you.


The last marketing company we used cost us a lot of money and gave us nothing of any value. We gave them quite a good chance too.

With Technoledge, you’ve been open and direct with us, giving us constant feedback and adjustment. More than that, the initial analysis was more valuable than anything we gained from the others. I’m very comfortable with this process.

Sam Forbes

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