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Outsourced marketing – it makes more sense than ever

Become an online and offline marketing wizard or outsource it.

Once you could get by with intuition and Marketing 101, but not anymore. Now marketing is a fabulous but bewildering smorgasbord of offline and online choices. You have to think about:

Content marketing – what it is and how to do it?
Outbound to inbound marketing - how to manage the transition?
SEO – how do you avoid the traps?
Social media - how to get results without an army of helpers?
Marketing automation - how to choose, use and monitor?
Lead generation – how to do inbound vs outbound?
Lead nurturing – what to send, how often and how to automate?
Online and offline media – which ones deliver best value?
Your blog – how do you write and manage it?
Events – are they worth it anymore?

The list just goes on and each one is a specialised skill. No-one can be the expert in all of them – which is why outsourced marketing is the smart answer. 

How we do outsourced marketing

Our job is to choose the tastiest marketing dishes, match them to your target segments and deliver them when your targets are hungry.

To do this, we have a maître d’ (or account manager) who designs and sequences delivery, and specialists in each who know the ingredients backwards and the latest trends and best practices. That way, you get the latest technology and thinking, when you need it. No need for a big in-house marketing overheads, and you get much more flexibility and value.

We work with your in-house marketing people from directors to assistants, and with CEOs and MDs of great technology companies with no in-house marketing at all. We’re flexible and effective.

Read more about how we thinh and hoe we owrk in the the Australian Technology Marketing Blueprint.

This approach really works for us. With Technoledge, we get handpicked skill sets for each project plus a central contact who manages the lot, ensuring that agreed standards and deadlines are met.

Because they know our business so well now, they handle the details so we can get on with business.
Peter Woollacott
CEO, Tier-3

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