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Marketing High Technology: it's a science

Why hype & art aren't enough in high tech markets

Marketing electronics isn't the same as marketing eggs - is it?

We don't think so - and we're sure you don't either.

Un-complicating high technology concepts Behaviour Anomaly Detection, Gene Silencing or Embedded Electronics so that on-technical audiences understand them isn't easy; it's special type of marketing - the type of marketing we do. It involves transforming factual feeds, speeds and specs into into practical, engaging solutions, not pretty pictures with dumbed-down messages.  (Learn about how to pitch to non-technical decision makers here.)

Technoledge has specialised in marketing complex technologies for over 10 years, helping Australian companies punch well above their respective weights in global markets. It's not easy, but we love it.

We've distilled our methodolology into The Australian Technology Marketing Blueprint. Click to read it or get a quick summary below.

Recurring trends in marketing high tech

Many of our clients in IT, biotech, biomedical, electronics and other technologies, say they've faced some or all of these challenges:

Do any of these resonate with you?

If high technology is your forte, you might seek help with marketing from agencies from time to time; after all, marketing is probably not your main focus. However, you might have found that general marketers can't you much. They may know how to market eggs to consumers, but not necessarily embedded electronics to business buyers or investors. 

You could end up with generic messages that don't explain the nuances of your competitive advantage, or shorten your sales cycles or engage business decision-makers - and you could spend a lot before you find this out. 

How we 'do' marketing for high tech companies

We’ve worked only in technology marketing for over a decade. Working exclusively with Australian companies, we’ve developed a process that helps them overcome these 5 recurring problems, and a few more. It’s called The Technology Trinity, and it works with any technology in any market.

Based on sound content marketing principles and scientific processes that can be checked and tweaked, The Technology Trinity is flexible enough to accommodate new marketing tactics and technologies.

The Technology Trinity has 3 vital components to building a successful high tech business, anywhere:

Let's look at each below - or you can get the detail in the The Australian Technology Marketing Blueprint.


1. Find uncontested market space

Your high technology is sure to have many possible applications and markets, yet trying to break into them all could cost a fortune and take years. Mathematically, you'd be much better of gaining 80% of 1% of the market, rather than 0.0001% of the whole market, surely? 

The way to do this is to find the uncontested space where your technology has the clear advantage. This is where you need to focus your attention and spend: not only will you send less, you can dominate and 'own' this space and become the thought leader, while your competitors are fighting over small percents of the whole.

As an example, let's look at Tier-3, a client of ours. Tier-3 developed a ground-breaking enterprise IT security platform, but a few years later, two of its main competitors were bought by IBM and HP; now Tier-3 was fighting both of the '800 pound gorillas'. How could small Aussie company compete with them?  We decided not to take them head on. Tier-3's proprietary platform, Behaviour Anomaly Detection, was chosen above all other solutions in situations where IT security was critical - like national security and law enforcement. This was clearly Tier-3's uncontested space because here they always won, even against the big guys. We positioned the company to own this space, backed up by recommendations from leading industry analysts. We created a brand, website and a suite of serious business collateral to support Tier-3's thought leadership of Defence Grade Cyber Security, and put them all to work, consistently and continuously. These days, Tier-3 owns this space. 

We've developed a process to make it easy to find this uncontested space, called the Hi-Tech Position Prism. Using it, you can focus on markets you can win, not just compete in, and build thought leadership like Tier-3. The Hi-Tech Position Prism is the first step in the Technology Trinity and its described in detail in the blueprint.

2. Create compelling collateral

Creating content is easier than ever, so everyone is doing it. How much low quality, useless material reaches your inbox uninvited?  Your targets are the same, and they're getting tired of it, so they're shutting out anyone they don't know and trust. This isn't a problem - but a huge opportunity for smart high technology marketers.

If you're smart, you can become the trusted source of high quality content, while competitors are locked out. All you need to do is create consistently useful, relevant and timely content - in language your targets understand. This is critical in high technology markets, where jargon and acronyms rule. If you can engage your audience with content pieces they actually need, yours will be the ones read, kept and shared, not others.

The process we developed for this is called the Hi-Tech Content Concentrator. It helps you define who you targets are, at what stage of the buyer's journey they are, and what content they need at that time. This is how to become the trusted source of valued content and a thought leader in your chosen space, regardless of how big your competitors may be. It's also the second stage in the Technology Trinity, and its described in the blueprint too.

3. Build a growth engine

The last stage is vital. You could spend a pile of money creating collateral, emailing it out and crossing your fingers. However, if you want a steady flow of high quality leads coming in with little effort or cost, you need an automated growth engine that does it for you. Ideally it gets to top gear quickly, and then cruises with little fuel, continuing to generate leads and enquiries, so you can focus back on the next product development. 

The process we've developed for this is Hi-Tech Growth Generator, the third stage in the Technology Trinity. It enables you to:

The Hi-Tech generator, the other two processes in The Technology Trinity and the rationale behind them all is explained in more detail in the blueprint.

Need a hand marketing your high tech products?

The processes we describe above for Tier-3, we've developed and proven with software, hardware, biotech, engineering and other technologies. The process is the same, even though the technologies are very different. That said, every company and technology has its own special considerations, but scientific rigour doesn't change - in our opinion.

We feel that, in marketing high technology, we must use the facts to your advantage, not try to spin them into something they're not. Ours is an honest, direct marketing approach which works, and our clients love. Why not see if we're a good fit for your technology and company?


We’re engineers not marketers, so it was fascinating to see Technoledge turn our spec sheets into an eye-catching website and collateral that actually say what we do.

The website’s also attracted more leads in its first 5 weeks live than the old website did in 2 years.

Aaron Maher
Managing Director, Procept

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