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Clean Technology Marketing: get your innovation seen

What works and how to do it

Is marketing solar technology the same as marketing soap powder?

We don't think it is. 

Marketing outstanding Australian clean technologies - like the UNSW High Performance Solar Cell, SILEX low energy isotope separation or Synroc nuclear waste technology - demands a highly skilled type of marketing; it's the sort of marketing we've done since 2004.  

Technoledge has helped many Australian technologies to grow and thrive, by helping them find those markets where their technologies shine, instead of struggling in unsuitable ones they may never win. (Learn how to use get cut through in Green and Clean Tech markets here).

Common obstacles in marketing sustainable technologies

Over a decade, we’ve found that companies selling complex technologies like green, sustainable, clean or renewable technologies face some or all of these obstacles.

Are any of these familiar to you?

It’s not unusual for technology companies to seek marketing help from agencies; after all developing ground-breaking technology to reduce waste, pollution, energy consumption or damage to the planet is your specialty, not marketing it, perhaps? Yet, it’s also not unusual to find that general marketers can’t really help: marketing solar technology is nothing like marketing soap powder. You might also have tried working with various specialists in marketing, only to find they're hard to co-ordinate or manage, or that results were disappointing.

You might find you end up with marketing messages that don’t explain your technology precisely, or persuade investors to part up with their money, or help you compete with better-funded competitors – and it might take quite a while to find this out.

How we help Aussie renewable technology companies

Technoledge has worked exclusively with Australian technology companies for over 10 years. Un-complicating beautiful yet complex technologies is what we love, and what gets us out of bed each day. We’ve helped many Aussie hi-techs to find the markets where their products can shine, where they can become the thought leaders and dominate. We’ve helped them take innovative ideas and grow successful businesses from them.

Our approach is unusual. We combine:

into a robust methodology called The Technology Trinity, which is based on proven processes, not theory. It's designed to help Australian technology companies choose the markets they can dominate, instead of wasting buckets of money competing where they can never win. The Technology Trinity has 3 vital components:

Let's look at each in brief. The full details are in The Australian Technology Marketing Blueprint. Please choose the one for Clean & Future Tech.

1. Find uncontested market space

Outstanding clean, renewable or sustainable technologies have huge global markets, but do you have the cash to try to break into them all - and win just a tiny percent?  Let's imagine the global market is worth $10 billion; going by the maths, would you be better off with 0.001% of the whole or 80% of say 1% of it?

Finding the uncontested space is how you find that 1% (or more) of the market where your technology is the clear winner, where you can dominate. Apart from targeting and reducing your marketing spend, in a smaller, well-defined space, you can become the thought leader, regardless of how big your competitors are. You can dominate and take this market, while your competitors are fighting over tiny percents of the rest. 

Over 10 years of working with Aussie technology companies, we've honed this process into the Hi-Tech Position Prism. This neat approach helps you define the uncontested market space where your innovation can shine. It's the first step in the Technology Trinity. 

2. Create compelling collateral

In clean or sustainable technology markets, your targets (potential partners, investors or buyers) are not alone. They're being bombarded by all your competitors and a host of others. They're tired of it, and these days more and more are closing out anyone they don't know and trust. This a huge opportunity for smart marketers of really smart technologies.

You can become a rare source of trusted content and be let in when others blacklisted, if you create consistently useful, relevant and timely content, material your targets want, written in their own language. If your targets are investors or the media, you won't persuade them with physics, jargon or acronyms; they'll tune out and move on. If you can reach them with content they want, speaking about returns, investment horizons or low risk, you can demonstrate your value and become the thought leader. Remember that thought leaders are never the big, cumbersome global players. They're always, small, smart and nimble, probably much like your company. Read more about thought leadership and successful technology marketing in the blueprint.

Creating compelling content is the second step in the Technology Trinity, called the Hi-Tech Content Concentrator. It helps you match your content to your targets by persona and stage of their buyer journeys at which they are. It's all about giving your targets what they want when they need it, not sending one missive to all in an email blast. That doesn't work any more. By splitting your content up (a process first called atomisation in 2011 by UK-based technology gurus Velocity Partners).    

3. Build a growth engine

Your sustainable or clever clean technology company will grow only though a steady flow of enquiries from buyers, investors, partners and the like. At the same time, you need to keep potential buyers of your technology (or company) updated with your successes and advances. This is how to make marketing an investment with high ROI, not a 'spray and pray' exercise that consumes money. 

As technology development is probably your focus not marketing it, you need to create a process that makes marketing manageable and affordable, so you can get back to business. That means assuring a steady flow of enquiries, that are helped along their journey until they're ready to engage with you. We call this a growth engine,  and it needs to get up to top gear quickly and be able to cruise, consuming little marketing effort or fuel. 

Our process called the  Hi-Tech Growth Generator is designed to do just this. It's the third stage in the Technology Trinity and enables you to:

Like a hand marketing your green or clean technology? 

The Technology Trinity has been developed, tested and proven, over a decade with Australian high technology companies. It works. 

If you haven't already, download your free Australian Marketing Blueprint (please select the one for Clean & FutureTech) to get a better idea of how we work or see if we're a good for for you. Then contact us to discuss Opportunities, Obstacles & Options for your clean, green, sustainable or renewable technology. You're sure to discover strategies you can implement straight away. 


Researching a new technology for an existing market was a daunting task for our organization until we contacted Technoledge. Working with them we gained a deep insight into key markets, customer requirements and exiting supplier relationships.

We now have the confidence, understanding of market needs and most importantly the key market contacts to advance quickly. I can strongly recommend the integrity, work effort and enthusiasm that Technoledge delivers.

Wayne Callen
Managing Director, Protex

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