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Lead generation—-entice them don’t chase them.

Attract and delight them with fresh content they can’t find anywhere else.

Lead Generation

Many of your prospects have never heard of you. Even if they have, they may not know you have the perfect solution to their problems right now. You want them to find you and be captivated.

Chasing indifferent contacts make no sense at all. You want to attract and engage buyers who are looking for what you do, so you can qualify them—and show them how terrific you are. 

How we do lead generation

Attracting and convincing high value prospects depends on great content—from landing pages to blogs, emails to telemarketing scripts, White Papers to brochures. We help you create and sequence it into campaigns that shift minds:

• Enticing landing pages that search engines find
• Vibrant blogs and social media posts that humans share
• Short spicy resources that move prospects to action
• Engaging emails that intrigue and challenge
• Sequenced campaigns that inform, qualify and nurture
• Automation that delivers and measures
• Testing and tweaking that optimise each cycle.

Read more about attracting the leads you want - and whole lot more - in the Australian Technology Marketing Blueprint.

I was particularly impressed with Technoledge’s approach. They recast White Papers to multiple decision makers in parallel mini-campaigns.

Within a week the new approach yielded 7 times more downloads than usual. We only need to target one type of decision maker now.
Phil Jacobs
CMO, Intelledox

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