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Information technology marketing isn't easy

It’s complex & dynamic. That's why we love it.

Marketing enterprise security isn't much like marketing shirts - is it?

We think not.   

Marketing enterprise security means explaining concepts like The Internet of Things, Prescriptive Analysis and Threat Intelligence to non-IT people; it's not easy but it’s a challenge we relish.

It’s what we’ve done for over 14 years too.  

We love working with smart, Australian Information Technology companies with leading edge hardware, software and services. We help them un-complicate what they do so technical and non-technical audience both see the benefits - and open their minds and wallets. (Read How to Win Even in Red Ocean Markets.)

Familiar challenges in IT marketing

Many of our Information Technology clients face some or all of these. You might too:

If you’re an Information Technology company, at some time you might seek marketing help from an agency; after all, innovative IT is your strength.

Yet, you might find that general marketers can’t help much: marketing enterprise security solutions is nothing like marketing shirts. Using generalists, you could end up with messaging that doesn’t help you differentiate from competitors, or shorten your sales cycles or cut through with non-technical buyers - and you could spend a lot before you find this out. 

We believe that marketing complex concepts like information technology requires very special skills and rigorous processes. It's what we've committed to for over a decade

Our approach to marketing Aussie Information Technology

Technoledge has focused only on marketing Australian high technology since 2004, with 80% of our clients being in Information Technology - including companies like Tier-3 Huntsman, Intelledox, Zetta Group, Milestone Group, Translogix and Blue Apache.

We’ve developed robust methodology to help our clients dominate the markets that best suit them. We've distilled it into a methodology called the The Technology Trinity.

It works in any high tech market and has proven its worth in IT for over a decade. It combines the bedrock of sound marketing principles with the flexibility to accommodate changing technologies in marketing. That's why it's stood the test of time.

The Technology Trinity has 3 vital components that help to build successful Information Technology businesses in Australia and overseas:

Take a quick look at each of these - or get the full story in the The Australian Technology Marketing Blueprint

1. Find uncontested market space

Your IT hardware, software or service probably has many applications and markets. Yet, how much do you want to spend trying to break into them all? To win maybe a small percent of each? Consider the maths: if $1 billion is the value of the global market, are you better off with 0.001% of this - or  80% of just 1% of it?

To get the 80%, you need to find that uncontested space where your product or service is superior by far and then focus on dominating that space. This approach has dual benefits: you spend less on marketing to gain thought leadership and niche domination - while everyone is slugging it out over tiny percents of the whole.

For instance, one of our clients develops Business Process Management software. This is definitely not uncontested space; its mighty crowded and our client came in late.

Yet, the company has a flexible, feature-rich solution that relieves the greatest pains for enterprises which have thousands of customers, multiple silos of information and no way to integrate them. By focusing on a handful of verticals (and integrating with major vendor solutions for each of them), our client quickly become the thought leader in these verticals and gained even more clients with the same problems. Read the full story here.

Over 10 years of working with Aussie IT companies, we’ve developed a process called the Hi-Tech Position Prism to find that vital uncontested space, where their IT solutions shine, where they can become the thought leaders, and win against competitors of any size. It's the first step in the Technology Trinity. 

2. Create compelling collateral

Especially in Information Technology, creating content is easier than ever. Being in hi-tech, most IT companies have perfected content creation and distribution, but so have your competitors. In fact, your targets are being bombarded by everyone, not just your competitors, and they're starting to shut everyone out. This is bad news, as it means lower response rates for everyone.

Yet, it's an opportunity too, for smart IT marketers anyway. 

You can become one of the few trusted sources whose content is not shut out, but valued, kept and shared. You do this by being consistently useful, relevant and timely and by speaking to your targets in their own language. This is critical in information technology, where jargon is the norm. If you can reach your targets with the content they actually need, yours will the content that influences. It's also how you build thought leadership, regardless of how big your competitors are. 

We've developed a process to match your content to your target buyer personas, and their stage in the buyer's journey (as originally defined by MathMarketing), which we've called the Hi-Tech Content Concentrator. Its help you audit what you have, decide what to keep and re-use, and how to match it to your targets' needs. This is how to convert web visitors into leads, qualified prospects and satisfied customers, and how to become a thought leader. It's the second stage in the Technology Trinity and it's explained in more detail in the Australian Technology Marketing Blueprint.   

3. Build a growth engine

Any information technology business needs leads, and a constant flow of high quality leads with little effort is the ideal. If you can do this, your marketing becomes an investment with high ROI, not an expense. This is every IT marketer's dream. 

Let's assume that IT development is your focus, not marketing, so you want a marketing process that delivers leads reliably and consistently, without a lot of effort or cost. This is effectively automated growth engine, that should reach top gear quickly and cruise without needing much marketing fuel. It's what we call a Hi-Tech Growth Generator and it's the third stage of the Technology Trinity, explained in more detail in the blueprint.  

The Hi-Tech Growth Generator and enables you to:

Get the full details of all 3 stages of the Technology Trinity in the Australian Technology Marketing Blueprint

Need a hand marketing your Information Technology product or service? 

The processes we describe above, have been proven effective in the Australian IT market for 14 years. We've used them to successfully market Australian-developed hardware, software and services - even against global competitors.

You can access everything we've learned in the Australian Marketing Blueprint for IT & Electronics. However, if you'd like a hand putting these process into action for your company, see if we're a good fit for you and your technology. If we are, let's connect to discuss Opportunities, Obstacles and Options for your technology. 


Frankly, our old website was working against us. Visitors didn’t believe that our technology could be so advanced if our website was so out of date. Technoledge changed that, building our credibility and thought leadership in a very short time.

The White Papers are a big part of it, well-researched, well-constructed and direct. They get to the point without a lot of unnecessary words and BS. More than that, they’re being read by senior security decision makers.

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