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Inbound marketing – prospects love it

Inbound marketing puts them where they want to be - back in control.

In the old days, marketing was mainly outbound – think advertising, trade shows, telemarketing and email -- but that’s all changed. Now buyers with problems are looking for solutions; they’re not waiting around for annoying telemarketing calls or spammy broadcast emails.

They’re educating themselves about whether you can help them, how much you know and what others say about you (assuming they can find you, of course). That is goal 1 in inbound marketing – to be found – and it all comes back to having fresh, zesty content they can’t find anywhere else. 

How we do inbound marketing

Our job is to make your online offering so tempting that web visitors will stop to find out more. We want them to dig deeper – not move to the next result on the search results page. We create and combine these ingredients to make your offer tantalizing to your visitors:

Tempting content – fresh landing pages, blog posts and web text that showcase your difference
Calls To Action (CTAs) – that lead your visitors to the answers they crave
SEO – optimising web pages that deliver on the promise without fooling search engines
Vibrant resources - that prove you know your stuff
Social media – layouts, formats and opinions that visitors savour and share

We add tempting calls to action and then switch to outbound to convert the genuine buyers amongst your web visitors into prospects and customers.

Read more about inboundand, other forms of online marketing and a whole lot more in the Australian Technology Marketing Blueprint

We’re engineers not marketers, so it was fascinating to see Technoledge turn our spec sheets into an eye-catching website and collateral that actuallysay what we do.

The website’s also attracted more leads in its first 5 weeks live than the old website did in 2 years.
Aaron Maher
MD, Procept

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