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Marketing Emerging or 'Future' Technologies

Apply science not just art

Is marketing conductive polymers like marketing corn flakes?

We don't think so.

Marketing ground-breaking Australian 'future technologies' like the Anti-hacking Kernel, the High Efficiency Solar Cell  or the QuBit is pretty special we think, and demands a special type of marketing; the sort of marketing we've done for over a decade. 

How do you explain a concept that is entirely new? It's not easy, and there is a science to it.

At Technoledge, we're proud of the many ground-breaking Australian technology inventions over the decades. We're pleased to have helped many Australian hi-tech companies find markets where their technical brilliance can really shine. (Read how we'd pitch 5 famous Aussie Future Tech inventions here.)

Common hurdles in Future Tech marketing

Because Future Tech (novel, emerging concepts) is completely new, it’s often not easy to explain. What do you use as a yardstick for something totally new like this? These are some of the marketing hurdles that Australian high tech companies tend to face:

Do any of these apply to you?

If you have a novel technology, you might seek some help to market it: after all developing ground-breaking science is your specialty, not marketing it, perhaps. However, you may find that general marketers can’t really help you or, to put it another way, marketing conductive polymers is nothing like marketing corn flakes.

You could end up with marketing tools that are so ‘dumbed down’ they don’t explain your true technical advantage, or pinpoint the real opportunity for investors, or help you to stand out from big competitors - and it might take some time before you find this out.

How we help Australian emerging technology companies

Technoledge has worked solely with Australian innovators in IT, Biotech, electronics and other high tech industries for over 10 years. It’s why we get out of bed each day. We love it. 

We’ve helped them explain their technologies in language that potential investors, partners and government agencies understand, so they engage with the opportunity - rather than continuing to look for one.     

Our approach is more science than art or theory, and it combines: 

into a comprehensive methodology called The Technology Trinity.

It helps Australian companies thrive in new and uncertain markets, by keeping them focused on markets they can win, not just participate in. The Technology Trinity has 3 vital components:

Let's look at each in brief. The full details are in The Australian Technology Marketing Blueprint (choose the one for Green & FutureTech).

1. Find uncontested market space

Novel, innovative, emerging technologies could have major global markets, but consider this: how much will it cost you to break into each one to win a tiny percent?  Let's look at the maths: if the global market is worth maybe $10 billion, would you be better off with 0.001% of the whole or 80% of say 1% of it?

The answer is always the latter. Finding the uncontested space is finding that market where your technology is the clear winner, the markets you can dominate and and leverage for the next. They key is in not spending buckets of money fighting global competitors first up. Instead, you win accessible markets quickly and expand from there, taking on global competitors on your terms, not theirs. Apart from vastly reducing your marketing spend, you can gain credibility and thought leadership sooner, and dominate your markets of choice - while the rest are slugging it out for small gains.  

We've honed this process into what we call the Hi-Tech Position Prism, which helps you define the uncontested market space where your innovation can shine. It's the first step in the Technology Trinity. 

2. Create compelling collateral

In markets for future or emerging technologies, your targets aren't just buyers of your technology: they might be angel or (later) institutional investors or the government for grants or the media for profile-building. Mostly they're non technical decision makers, so you'll need speak to them in their own language or they'll tune out and move on. Translating sublime complexity into solutions for business thinkers is a huge challenge - and an opportunity for smart technology marketers.

This is the principle of content marketing - giving consistently useful, relevant and timely material to your targets when and where they need it - written in language they understand. That means not speaking to them about physics or forces or specs and not using jargon or acronyms. Instead speak to them about returns, multiple  applications, low risk or wide market appeal, and you'll hook them instantly. This approach helps build thought leadership, which is vital in hi-tech markets. Thought leaders are always the small, smart, nimble players, and never the sluggish, well-funded giants, so this is a huge opportunity too.  Read more about thought leadership and successful technology marketing in the blueprint.

Creating and matching your content to your targets' needs is the second step in the Technology Trinity. We call it the Hi-Tech Content Concentrator. It helps you match your materials to the decision makers you seek, and where they are on what is called the buyer's journey (as defined originally by MathMarketing). This is classic marketing filtered for hi-tech markets, so you create the content that resonates in your market, not the sort of content that sells corn flakes to consumers.      

3. Build a growth engine

Your emerging or future technology business will grow through a consistent flow of the right sort of enquiries from partners, investors, collaborators, the media and more. At the same time, you'll want to keep the long term potential buyers of your technology (or your company) abreast of your successes and advances.

As technology development is probably your focus not marketing it, you need a process that makes getting these enquiries as hands-free and automated as possible. We call this concept a growth engine, and ideally, it needs to reach top gear quickly and then produce ongoing enquiries or leads, with little effort or marketing fuel.  

We've designed a process to do this, called the  Hi-Tech Growth Generator. It's the third stage in the Technology Trinity and enables you to:

All 3 stages of The Technology Trinity and the thinking behind it are explained in the The Australian Technology Marketing Blueprint. Please select the one for Green & Future Tech.

Like a hand marketing your emerging or future technology? 

If marketing is a bit outside your comfort zone, you're not alone; most brilliant Aussie technology companies are not run by marketers, but by smart engineers and scientists. If you like to apply some science- and process-driven marketing to your clever innovation to win new markets, please consider Technoledge.

See if we're a good for for you or call us to talk about the goals for your Future Technology. 

Researching a new technology for a new market was a daunting task until we contacted Technoledge.

We gained a deep insight into key markets, customer requirements and exiting supplier relationships. We now have the confidence, understanding of market needs and most importantly the key market contacts to commercialise our technology.

I can strongly recommend the integrity, work effort and enthusiasm that Technoledge can deliver.
Wayne Callen
CEO, Protex

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