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Email marketing – satisfy them don’t bury them

Give them what they want when they want it - and they’ll come back. The reverse applies too.

When to use email marketing?

Email works best when contacts know you; for instance, after an event. If you send an email citing the event and conversation and send it from the person they met, your response rates can be 10-50 times higher than from a bought-in database.

Bought or hired contacts don’t know you even exist. After all, they opted in to someone else. These days contacts are brutal; if they don't know you, they'll unsubscribe and possibly blacklist you, too. 

If contacts do opt in to receive your emails, you need to tailor your content too. Send your latest thought-leading paper -- and ask just a few questions so you can tailor the next piece more closely. Don’t interrogate them though – or they’ll unsubscribe and get their content elsewhere.

Email is also great for lead nurturing – keeping contacts warm and keen until they’re ready to engage. If you don’t, you might make them aware of problem – and set them up to be picked off by a competitor. If you don’t nurture them, someone else will. 

How we do email marketing

First we understand what makes your solution so much more appetising than competitors’ and we sequence these elements into measured campaigns:

Buyer personas – who are they, what age, industry, problems?
Collateral – what do they want, when in the buyer journey?
Landing pages – which pages best deliver on the call to action?
Emails – how can we grab their attention and excite them to action?
Automation – how can we make this whole thing manageable and efficient?

Read about the role of email marketing and a whole lot more in the Australian Technology Marketing Blueprint.

We’ve run lots of campaigns with Technoledge with more planned.

Each time the emails and data are refined, and each campaign has delivered the target number of leads, all of them pipelined. The system is working very well.
Phil Jacobs
CMO, Intelledox

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