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Electronics marketing: it’s a specialist field

Learn why it works and how to do it

Marketing electronics isn't like marketing eggs - is it?

We don't think it is.

Marketing leading-edge electronics innovations like the Robotic Visual Horizon,  the smart Wireless Parking Meter, and Body Worn Sensors for active medical monitoring, is a specialist field we think. It's what we love and what we've done for over a decade.

Let's take a look at some of the recurring challenges in marketing electronics in Australia and how to overcome them. 

Recurring themes in marketing electronics

We’ve seen many Australian electronics companies face some or all of these at some time.

Are any of these familiar to you?

It's not unusual for electronics companies to seek marketing help from agencies; after all exceptional electronics is your strength, not necessarily marketing. It’s also not uncommon to find that general marketers aren't much help when it comes to complex concepts like these: marketing electronics is nothing like marketing eggs.

You could end up with no differentiation on key technical points, longer more expensive sales cycles and no way to differentiate you from big competitors. (Read more about the challenges of marketing electronics here.)

How we market Australian electronics products

Technoledge has focused on marketing Australian technologies like electronics, IT and Future Tech for over a decade. Check here to see if we're a good fit for you.

We work exclusively with Australian companies, so we understand the issues. Over the years, we’ve developed a methodology to help high tech companies overcome the most common marketing challenges, which we call The Technology Trinity.

The Technology Trinity has 3 vital components that help Electronics and other high techs to build profitable, sustainable business in Australia and overseas:

Below we take a look at each in brief. The full details are in The Australian Technology Marketing Blueprint. Choose the one for IT & Electronics.

1. Find uncontested market space

Your smart electronic device or technology probably has myriad applications and markets, but do you want to try to break into every one? It could cost a fortune to gain just a tiny percent in each. If you consider the maths, and the whole market is worth $1 billion, aren't you better off with 0.001% of the whole or 80% of 1% of it? We've proven this to be true many times. 

It's far more cost effective to find the uncontested space where your device or technology is the undisputed winner - and spend your money dominating it. There are big payoffs too: reduced spend and thought leadership. If you focus where your solution shines, you'll dominate, while the others are spending money fighting over tiny percents of the whole. 

For instance, one of our clients, Procept, develops small, smart devices powered by embedded electronics. The company used to compete with big and small, local and global electronics providers, until we defined its unique advantage: a one-stop-shop for Australian innovators to go from idea to proof of concept to development to launch - with one experienced partner. This insight allowed Procept to focus its message and marketing on a handful of verticals, and quickly become the thought leader.  

Over 10 years of working with Aussie high technology companies, we’ve developed a process called the Hi-Tech Position Prism to help define the uncontested market space where their solutions shine, where they can become thought leaders, and win against any technology competitor. It's the first step in the Technology Trinity and its described in detail in the Blueprint.

2. Create compelling collateral

These days, creating content is cheap and easy, so everyone's doing it. The problem is, that targets are being bombarded from all corners and they're getting fed up. As a result, they're shutting out those they don’t trust, which means lower response rates for everyone.

This is a huge opportunity for smart electronics marketers: you could become one of the few trusted sources. To do this, your content has to be consistently useful, relevant and timely and you need to speak to your targets in their own language. This is especially so in markets like electronics, where acronyms and jargon are the norm.  If your content cuts through to audiences with the information they need, you'll be let in and others will be shut out. This is how you can build thought leadership and differentiate from competitors of any size.

We show you how to do this in a process we call the Hi-Tech Content Concentrator. It helps you match your content to your targets and the stage they're at on the buyer's journey (as originally defined by Math Marketing). This is the way to become a trusted source in your marketplace, regardless of who your competitors are or how big. It's also the second stage in the Technology Trinity. 

3. Build a growth engine

It's likely that you want your electronics business to grow, which is best done though a constant flow of high quality leads. It's also how to make marketing an investment with good ROI, rather than an expense.

As smart electronics is probably your focus, not marketing, you need a process that delivers leads reliably and consistently, without a lot of marketing effort or cost from you. We've developed a process for this called the Hi-Tech Growth Generator, which helps your marketing reach top gear quickly and cruise without needing much fuel. It's an automated growth engine that enables you to:

This, all the details of the Technology Trinity and much more are in the marketing Blueprint.

Need a hand marketing your electronics product or service?

These processes have been developed and proven in the Australian electronics and other parts of the high tech market. They've delivered results for over a decade. 

If you'd like to get more tangible results for your marketing dollars, see if we're a good fit for you and then give us a call to discuss the Opportunities, Obstacles & Options for your electronics device or technology. You're sure to discover strategies you can implement straight away. 


We’re engineers not marketers, so it was fascinating to see Technoledge turn our spec sheets into an eye-catching website and collateral that actually say what we do.

The website’s also attracted more leads in its first 5 weeks live than the old website did in 2 years.

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