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Every great content writer is a craftsman

Crafting great content is like creating a sumptuous dessert. It’s an art.

These days the only marketing that works is content marketing, so you either have to become a great content writer -- or find someone who is.

Why does content marketing work? Because it focuses on what prospects want -- not what you think they should have. It puts them back in control and they like that. They want to find providers who understand their problems and provide solutions they can trust. That’s where great content writing comes in. 

How we do content writing 

It’s not just writing, but creating content in many forms. First we start with what your ideal customers look and feel like, what problems they have and why you’re the best solution for them. Once we know your secret sauce, we craft it into content we know your prospects will love:

• Engaging landing pages that speak to them in their language
• Inviting blog and social media posts that show you understand
• Surprising resources that solve their problems in practical ways
• Enticing emails that compel them to click ‘open’
• Thought-leading content that showcases your advantage.

Read more about our approach to content writing in the Australian Technology Marketing Blueprint.

This approach is good. The papers are direct and well-researched and constructed. They get to the point without a lot of unnecessary words and BS.

More than that, they’re being read by senior security decision makers
Peter Woollacott
CEO, Tier-3

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