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Business to business marketing – it’s totally different

Your prospects are buying for their employers and shareholders - not for themselves - so you need to understand their needs, fears and pains.

In business to business (B2B) marketing, buyers are a bit like consumers – they also buy based on emotion – but the emotions are not the same. They’re not trying to get their wife or kids off their backs, they’re trying to impress their employers. 

They might be seeking recognition for a good choice (ego or a promotion) or vindication of a previously bad choice by someone else (competition), may simply be frightened of making the wrong choice (fear) or a host of other drivers. They all come back to two - fear or desire. They also have worries; business problems that keep them awake at night. 

In B2B marketing, you need to satisfy their desires and allay their fears so they can relax and sleep well, knowing they’ve made the right choice – your product.

How we do B2B marketing

First we define what makes your product so much better than competitors’ in you particular target markets or situations. Then we check out your ideal customers and what they have in common. Then we start to dig a bit deeper. We look at:

Buyer personas – who are they, what position, age and gender?
Problems – what keeps them awake at night?
Aspirations- what motivates them, how do they want to feel?
Collateral – what do they need to feel that way?
Buyer journeys – what are the stages between unaware to becoming a customer?

Then we create the landing pages to attract them and collateral to satisfy them, and sequence the lot into campaigns that entice, inform, convince and convert them. Read more about how we work in the Australian Technology Marketing Blueprint

My experience with Technoledge was unique. I’ve used marketing companies before, but they “executed” my ideas rather than being my virtual marketing partner.

With our projects together, I felt that you completely understood the business, the solutions and the objectives and I was extremely pleased with the outcomes
Ian McManus

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