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Biotechnology marketing: it’s an exact science

Make sure your marketing is exact too

Marketing Gene Silencing technology isn’t like marketing jeans - is it?

We don't think it is.

Marketing world-beating Australian bio-technologies like The Bionic Ear, Gene Silencing and Spray-on-Skin is a very precise science, and requires particular skills, we think. It's what we love and what we do. (Read more about marketing Gene Silencing here).

Common obstacles in marketing biotech products

Australian biotech companies often face some or all of these marketing challenges:

Have you encountered any of these ?

It’s common for biotech companies to seek help from marketing agencies; after all developing brilliant biotech is your speciality, not necessarily marketing it. It’s also common to find that generalists are little help: marketing Gene Silencing technology is nothing like marketing jeans. If you try contracting a bunch of external specialists, you might be disappointed too.

You could end up with generic tools that don’t explain your exact edge, or shorten trial periods or engage investors – and you could spend a lot of money before you find out.

How we help Aussie biotechnology companies

We’ve worked exclusively with Australian Biotech, Biomed and other high tech companies for over a decade (in fact, our founder, Tracey James, originally qualified in Biotechnology). Understanding and translating complex biotechnology is in our DNA. Read more about our approach in the The Australian Technology Marketing Blueprint.

We've developed a unique approach to biotech marketing which combines:

into a robust in-house methodology. Called The Technology Trinity, it has 3 vital components:

The details are in the Biotech& Biomed edition of The Australian Technology Marketing Blueprint.

Biotechnology marketing in practice

One of our long term Biotech clients is Benitec Biopharma, who developed a game-changing technology for treating human diseases, called ddRNAi (or DNA-directed RNA interference).

An Aussie biotech with competitors up to 100 times its size, Benitec had quite a challenge before it. It also entered the RNAi market in earnest, after several global players has exited and the shine seemed to have gone off RNAi therapeutics. Our task was to find the uncontested space, show Benitec's superiority in it, and demonstrate how its approach to RNAi made previous failures by other RNAi companies irrelevant.

We chose to focus on the science, DNA-directed rather than RNA-directed, as this was Benitec's unique strength. Yet, we had to make the science (and what it meant) accessible to non-technical audiences like investors, analysts and the media, while providing the scientific detail that potential collaborators and big pharma acquirers demanded. We developed a new website for Benitec, deep and credible, along with a suite of supporting collateral - like a corporate presentation, investor newsletter and fact sheet, corporate profile, FAQs, bibliography and publications, plus frank insights into the company's thinking and research, and put it all to work. This is the concept of atomisation first defined by Velocity Partners in 2011, and it involves breaking your core content into multiple forms to drive higher results and ROI.

Today, Benitec is a recognised global player and its competitors are still 100 times its market cap. Its first-in-man clinical trial of ddRNAi )based on a drug for hepatitis C) is due for completion this year and, before then, the company will list on the US-based NASDAQ. Benitec is an Australian biotech with the potential to revolutionise the treatment of human disease, in our lifetime. It's potentially another great Aussie success story.

Technoledge: Australia's biotech marketing agency

Technoledge has helped Australian Biotech companies to un-complicate their technology offerings for over a decade. Apart from established companies like Benitec, we've work with:

We have developed robust process for simplifying complex messages for non-technical decision makers and for building sustainable business through reproducible growth strategies. If you'd like to know more about how we think and work, please download The Australian Technology Marketing Blueprint for Biotech & Biomed or see if we're a good fit for you. We’d love to help you market your biotech product or service. 

It was a difficult project because the science was complex and had to be technically correct, but it also had to be understood by non-scientists. We hold many patents, so it had to be legally correct too.

I can’t think of another company that could have done this.
Dr Peter French
CEO, Benitec Biopharma

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