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Australian technology marketers

How we help Aussie technologies shine

Do you think marketing complex technology is the same as marketing tooth brushes?

Of course you don't - and nor do we.

Australian technologies - like the Bionic Ear, the Polymer Banknote,  the Wi-Fi protocol and Qubit are world-beaters. Marketing complex, innovative technologies like these requires very special skills.

We’re Australian too and very proud of the fabulous local technologies that have blazed trails in global markets. As the Australian technology marketers, our job is to help Aussie high tech companies do just that. (Read more about the critical role your content plays in High Tech markets here).

The 5 challenges most Australian technology companies face

We’ve found that most Aussie high tech companies face some or all of these:

Have you found any of these too? Read more in The Australian Technology Marketing Blueprint.

Often technology companies will seek marketing help from agencies; after all brilliant technology is your specialty, not marketing. Yet, it’s common to find that generalists aren’t much help: marketing complex technology is nothing like marketing tooth brushes.

You could end up with tools that don’t help you stand out, or shorten your sales cycle or help non-technical buyers see your brilliance. It could be quite some time before you find that out, too. 


How we help Australian technology companies overcome them

We’ve worked with Australian technology companies for over a decade, and concentrated our experience into a methodology for marketing in the Australian high tech sector which has worked with countless companies. It’s called The Technology Trinity and it has 3 vital components:

Read more about our approach to high tech marketing or download The Australian Technology Marketing Blueprint for the full details of our methodology. We’re love to help you grow your technology business.

It was a difficult project because the science was complex and had to be technically correct, but it also had to be understood by non-scientists.

We hold many patents, so it had to be legally correct too. I can’t think of another company that could have done this.

Dr Peter French
CEO, Benitec

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