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Is This You - Startups

Are you a Startup in High Tech?

Are you looking for traction and growth?

Are any of these true for you?

  • Your technology is brilliant - but buyers & investors don't 'get it'
  • Getting traction is taking longer than exp ected -and costing more
  • Competitors are inferior - but their big marketing budgets hide it
  • Commercialising yourtechnology is looking more difficult
  • Gaining interest from investors or partners is proving tougher than you thought, too.

If any of these are familiar, you’re not alone; they're very common for startup companies. 

Have you tried to turn things around by:

  • Doing everything yourself - but it took lots of time and was very distracting 
  • Hiring salespeople - but they were costly and produced few results 
  • Hiring a marketing agency - but they couldn't get their heads around your technology   
  • Contracting external specialists for planning, strategy & content - but when nothing changed, they blamed each other.

You’ve come to the right place

For over a decade, Technoledge has worked exclusively with Australian High Tech companies - in IT, Electronics, Biotech, Biomed, Clean Tech, Future Tech and Other High Tech. Quite a few were startups.

We’ve helped them achieve the success they deserve - in Australia and globally - by removing roadblocks. We do this by:

  • Understanding each technology - at a fundamental level
  • Un-complicating it - so investors & partners see the benefits clearly 
  • Showing startups the markets they can win - not just compete in
  • Creating the business tools they need to gain early traction    
  • Developing strategies - that deliver reliable, sustained growth  
  • Being their outsourced partner - so they can focus on business
  • Being accountable for our results. 

To find out how we work, please download the Australian Technology Marketing Blueprint (choose the one for your technology). It distills the lessons from 13 years of marketing Australian High Tech..

Who is a good fit with Technoledge ?

  • You have a technology that works - and some trial or reference sites
  • You have government or private funding - that you can use to accelerate growth
  • You have a seasoned founder or management team - with commercial experience  
  • You know the value of marketing - and you want sustained growth, not just a few quick leads
  • You want to do something about it - right now.

If you answered ‘yes’ to some of these, we're probably a good fit for you, too. Why not arrange a free Growth Catalyst to see what's possible for your business? You’ll gain insights you can apply to your business today. Book it below.


Who is not a good fit?

We love working with smart, Australian high tech companies. Many of our startup clients share some of these characteristics. Do you?

Over the last 11 years, we’ve found that startups who weren't a good fit, answered yes to many of these:

  • Do you have a great concept - and need funding to prove it? If so, we suggest Ausindustry's Entrepreneurs' Program. Once you have funding, we can help you grow.
  • Is your technology unproven or unreliable? If so, please fix the technical issues and then we can make you shine
  • Do you just want marketing elves to write the odd paper or email? In our experience, uncoordinated tactics like these cost money and don’t deliver. If you’d like a strategic cost-effective approach to growth, we can help. 
  • Are you an overseas startup wanting to access the Australian market? In our experience, you'll need a presence or partners here to gain real traction. We suggest that you contact Austrade.
  • Do you think marketing is a waste of time and money? If you do, it’s not for us to convince you otherwise.

If you’re not sure, read the Australian Technology Marketing Blueprint for your industry. Then, if you like the way we work, contact us to discuss how we can sharpen your technology marketing.

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