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Marketing testimonials – what our clients say 

We’re pretty chuffed that clients like what we do

We do a special type of marketing: it’s based on facts, not hype. We turn reality into sustainable positions that our clients command for years. That means we tell the truth, and our clients seem to like it.

Below is a taste of what a few clients have to say. We can show you more when we meet. If you’d like an overview, take a look at our gallery or dive into some client projects.

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I’m so glad we chose outsourced marketing rather than employing a new BDM, who would just have kept doing what we were doing.

We could never have done this in-house. We don’t have the marketing knowledge or experience to know about processes like these.

Paul Gapes
General Manager, Pacific Data Systems

We gained 5 times more leads from OOW. Sure, we did invest more this year, but it was more than that.

We were right next to a major competitor - but our stand really stood out. People even came over to take photos. The design and clear message plus collateral and email campaign before, during and after OOW really supported us.

The quality of leads we gained this year was far higher too.

Matt Tuohey
MD, Limepoint

These processes are impressive.

Technoledge creates a template for each new type of resource, say a Use Case or a Case Study. We fill it in quickly with our own words - and what comes back in a few days is a transformation.

Because the process is so tight, the first draft is usually very close to the mark - and the quality of the finished resource is exceptional.

Greg Armstrong
CMO, Emagine

We’d never seen open rates and responses like this - 3 times our best ever.

Technoledge’s covering emails were short, direct and plain speaking, grabbing attention by focusing on reasons to read the resources, not just repeating what was in them.

The resources were superior too - far fewer words with much more clarity and impact.

Tania Jolley
MD, DNA Security Systems

Now we have a direct email connection with contacts and we know what they’ve clicked to read, which gives us far more insight and makes account planning and call priority more accurate.

Our communications are shorter, sharper and more effective than before and we’re getting far more content out the door, into contacts’ inboxes and making an impact, in far less time.

Technoledge's processes are logical and efficient too. More importantly, they reduce the amount of time our valuable senior people need to be involved.

Mark Neary
Head of Product, Milestone Group

Do clients often say they won’t change a word of your first White Paper drafts?

You understand exactly what we want, and say it in a fresh way with third party quotes to back us up. We don't need to change a thing.

Previous papers written for us were bland and self-promoting. Yours are exceptional - credible and well-written.

More than that, we hardly need to be involved because the process takes care of it.

Stewart Sim
Sales Director, Websecure

It was a difficult work because the science was complex and had to be technically correct, but it also had to be understood by non-scientists.

We hold many patents, so it had to be legally correct too.

I can’t think of another company that could have done this.

Dr Peter French
CEO, Benitec

A personal thank you for another good year.

It’s been long and at times challenging but one of our best ever. We’ve released a great new product, consolidated our marketing efforts and strengthened our presence in each of our markets.

All in no small part because of good marketing.

Peter Woollacott
CEO, Tier-3

The pitch template, example and guide you developed for our Biotech companies to use to create pitches to overseas investors are so good, we’re still using them four years later.

Milena Bliss
Senior Export Adviser, Austrade Health, Biotechnology & Wellbeing

The case studies are fabulous.

I don’t know how you got stories and quotes like that out of customers. They’re priceless and approved in record time, so customers must’ve been happy.

And we didn’t have to worry about a thing. It was all just done for us.

Neil Bolton
CTO, Recruitment Systems

We were surprised by the ‘human view’ that Technoledge was able to draw from our clients, and the exceptional quotes that they would probably have never given us directly.

It made us realise that our benefit is in ‘humanising IT’. A very useful exercise.

Chris Marshall
CEO, Blue Apache

We saw clear results after the first lead generation pilot with Technoledge.

We’re now running similar campaigns on a monthly basis and each time the process is further refined and improved to capture a better quality of lead.

They clearly invest a lot of time with their clients for every campaign, which is a clear differentiator to other agencies.

Hwei Oh
Marketing Manager, Sophos

As an IT vendor it’s easy to write off messaging and positioning as useless marketing spin.

I did until Technoledge rewrote our content. It’s less technical, easier to read, flows better, is more understandable and gives us far more credibility – just by changing the words.
Joe Kelly
CTO, DAMsmart

This is impressive.

Engagement’s up 7 fold and we’ve got a bunch of vertical collateral for the website in a few weeks. Great going.
Phil Jacobs
Marketing Manager, Intelledox

The last marketing company we used cost a lot of money and gave us nothing of any value. We gave them quite a good chance too.

With Technoledge, they’ve been open and direct with us, giving us constant feedback and adjustment.

More than that, the initial analysis was more valuable than anything we gained from the others. I’m very comfortable with this process.

Sam Forbes

Technoledge gave our business terrific impetus, conveying our message more coherently, allowing us to sell our business case upwards and gain more support, influence and resources within the wider organisation.

More than that, we are already over sales target and have months to go to year end.
Catherine White
Marketing Manager, Roche Diagnostics

Technoledge did a really great job putting together a sales process and materials to migrate clients from their existing provider to us.

So far using the new approach, all except one have agreed to trial our service and that one’s buying decision is not made in Australia. This is a very good result.
David Banes
CEO, Cleartest

At first I found the new website a bit confronting. It wasn’t like a comfy, familiar, old slipper at all.

Then I started to get feedback like ‘fabulous’, ‘fresh’, ‘informative’, ‘compelling’ ‘succint’ and ‘impressive’ so I took another look.

Now I think it’s both beautiful and functional. It does much more than I thought a website could and is orders of magnitude over what I expected.

Dr Dianne Glenn
Director, Corelli Consulting

Our new website is crisp, clear, informative and very professional.

Best of all, we didn’t have to worry about writing material, finding images, researching client quotes, or pulling it all together to ensure it worked and was complete.

Technoledge took care of the whole process from the first word to the live site and the result is just fabulous.

Olga Tomic
CEO, Pathrec

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