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  • We took on this project expecting that if we gained one big lead, that would be good. With this number of high value leads, we were more than pleasantly surprised.
    Dr Nathan Harman

Zettanet is part of the highly successful Zetta Group of IT service companies, based in Perth and run by Dr Nathan Harman. When he first contacted us, he wanted some quick runs for his newly-opened ZettaServe office in Sydney.

A red ocean

Managed IT services is more than a competitive market, it’s almost red ocean space (where the red is blood). IT services providers are everywhere, and finding differentiators can be tough. With ZettaServe, it was a little easier, as the company was a pioneer and respected industry elder, at least in WA. The problem was, it wanted to compete in Sydney.

Serving Who’s Who

Some say Sydneysiders are brash, but whether that's true or not, they definitely recognise names when they see them. ZettaServe has a client list that reads like ‘Who’s Who’ and includes BHP Billiton, Deloitte, NAB, Westpac, CSC and the like, representing an extensive installation base. It was clear that ZettaServe was chosen by the most demanding customers for good reason: the company was very good at its job. At the time though, its collateral and website didn't back this up; they made Zetta look more like the smaller players with whom they had nothing in common.

Shining a light

We felt that, to be taken seriously in Sydney, a Perth-based company would need to be direct, hard-hitting and confident, and make its offering a rare opportunity not to be missed, regardless of where the company was based. We created online and offline collateral focusing on reputation, results, longevity, experience and excellence, and backed it up with strong proof from clients and industry sources. We put it to work, initially in a telemarketing campaign, and it worked. Nathan was very pleased with the size of the 7 leads gained in just 7 days of calling. We ran more campaigns over ensuing months with similar results.

Moving to ISP

Another company in the family is Zettanet, an ISP with mainly Perth-based customers. The general manager wanted us to grow the business quickly, so we looked for uncontested space, rather than slugging it out with the pack. It was clear that the real advantages were ease of use, speed and terrific support via an extensive internal team and, unlike ZettaServe, most of Zettanet's customers were small businesses (SMEs). It was an obvious fit, and no competitors were focused there, so we redesigned the website with this market in mind, and focused all content on it.

Strengthening the net

Once the new position and focus were clear, the next step was to build the business quickly through partner acquisition. With a clearly-defined message and focus, it was easy to select resellers who had an SME focus, and to approach them directly via telephone with a unique offer for SME clients, backed by a compelling business case for the reseller. Like the prospects for ZettaServe in Sydney, the results for these campaigns exceeded everyone's expectations: 5 new resellers in less than a month.

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