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  • “Do clients often say they won’t change a word of your first draft?

    You understood exactly what we wanted and said it in a fresh way with 3rd party quotes as backup. Previous papers written for us were long, bland and self-promoting. Yours are exceptional.”

    Stewart Sim
    Sales Director

Websecure is a forward-thinking IT security and risk management specialist. Based in Sydney, the company selects world class products and adds its own expertise to create unique solutions for IT risk, security and compliance. When we first met the Sales Director, he wanted some fast leads.

Getting leads fast

We were working with Webroot at the time and there was a market opportunity for Websecure to gain leads by leveraging Webroot's email security SaaS. For speed, we chose telemarketing and selected one of our agents who was well-versed in the email security patch. We equipped him with a tight script, compelling emails, a targeted database and short collateral pieces that spoke directly to the challenges of email security, and tied them back to the Websecure solution. The campaign was short, sweet and effective, gaining 11 qualified leads in 7 days.

Showcasing early moves

Websecure operates in a highly competitive market where differentiation isn’t easy. What sets the company apart is its alertness for the next new security trend, and its ability to act quickly; they look for ground-breaking security technologies, approach the vendors and formulate tight solutions for the Australian market, quickly. It’s one reason why Websecure is often the first Australian source of many leading-edge security technologies.

Standing out from the rest

One of our key goals to make client collateral stand out from the rest - and be read and shared. That’s why we avoid long White Papers that drone on about technology. We like to know the real pains that IT decision makers feel, and speak directly to them in short, incisive papers that never stray into promotion. That’s a key reason IT vendors and resellers choose us: we challenge readers’ thinking, we provide objective analysis and we never lecture or bore them. 


Spotlighting strengths

Three IT challenges that have recently emerged are 1. the insecurity of large file transfer systems like DropBox, 2. the targeting of privileged account holders (like the CIO’s PA) for phishing and other attacks, and 3. the insecurity of un-managed privileged accounts in Industrial Control Systems. For these, we wrote short, gritty 4 page White Papers that spoke directly to C level decision-makers, and wrapped the solution in an approach which was unique to Websecure, so competitors couldn't copy it.

With no effort

We write each of these papers from just a few bullet points, and then add compelling emails to drive high response rates. The Sales Director keeps telling us how easy it is for him; he doesn’t need to change a word. That's the way he likes it and so do we.

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