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  • This approach is good. The papers are well-researched, well-constructed and direct. They get to the point without a lot of unnecessary words and BS.

    More than that, they’re being read by senior security decision makers.

    Peter Woollacott

Tier-3 has developed possibly the smartest enterprise IT security platform on the planet, called Huntsman, yet it's not based in the USA but here in Sydney, Australia. The CEO first called us wanting convincing collateral for the upcoming InfoSec conference in the UK. After 18 months, his then marketing agency still didn’t ‘get’ what Tier-3 did.

Collateral on the run

It was a tough task, a steep curve and a short time frame. The technology was complicated and we had to trawl through a 5Gb USB stick of data to find the gems we needed, but we made it. We distilled Huntsman’s unique essence and rewrote 4 detailed solution brochures in just a few weeks. We proved our stripes, so the CEO came back for more.

Intelligent branding 

With InfoSec over, there was time to take a high level look at branding, positioning and messaging, to set Tier-3 up for future growth. A nifty, unique feature of Huntsman is its ability ‘to join the dots’ between disparate events anywhere in the network. This was a very neat fit with Orion, the Huntsman constellation, so we used him to create a distinctive brand with an intelligent link. The CEO liked this, especially as Huntsman is the Intelligent Security Suite.

Crisp, informative website

Then we created a vibrant new website around the Orion branding, filled with useful, thought-leading content. Tier-3’s competitors are giant US corporations with mighty deep pockets, but limited agility when it comes to customising their products to market  needs or publishing incisive, topical collateral. This is why we positioned Tier-3 as the agile, responsive thought leader, and focused on its unique, patented BAD technology; it's the reason Tier-3 is chosen by enterprises operating in the toughest security environments, worldwide.

Turning things around

By making this clear, we were able to turn a difficult situation around: previously many leads from telemarketing campaigns had cancelled their appointments after checking the website. It wasn't credible and didn't make Tier-3 look like a company that could develop game-changing security software. The new one did.  

Good enough to copy

Over the years we created over 100 collateral pieces for Tier-3, covering gritty IT issues like defending the enterprise from Cyber Espionage or Insider Threats, gaining better Threat Intelligence or assuring Privacy, Mobility or Cloud Computing protection. They were so distinctive and effective, that some of Tier-3’s competitors have copied them. A real compliment.

Putting it to work

We also put these resources to work, in automated emails campaigns with provocative, timely emails about topical issues to segmented databases. These campaigns consistently delivered open rates of 30-50% and download rates of 13-17% (well above industry benchmarks of 20% and 2% respectively). They've also generated quality leads of high value, as well as building and maintaining relationships with C level execs in government and blue chip companies, with whom Tier-3 had no previous contact. 

A strong position

Through specific messaging and focusing on markets it can win, even over global giants, Tier-3 has dominated the 'serious' end of security - national intelligence, defence and security, border protection and law enforcement. By focusing on Defence Grade Cyber Security, Tier-3 now owns this space. In a recent change, Tier-3 has changed its branding; Orion has disappeared but the original, strong positioning remains.


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