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  • “We’re engineers not marketers, so it was fascinating to see Technoledge turn our spec sheets and protocols into a website which is eye-catching and says what we do, simply.

    It’s also attracted more leads in its first 5 weeks live than the old website did in 2 years.”
    Aaron Maher

Procept is an Australian firm that creates small, robust electronic devices that solve unusual problems – like body worn medical sensors and devices to monitor bird calls in the wild. Leading an award-winning Australian company, the MD first approached us about a new corporate look.

Stating the advantage

Procept’s people are extremely smart engineers and software developers and, maybe because if this, their website and collateral were really hard to understand. Our first job was to tell their story in language that potential business customers and partners could understand. After our messaging analysis, it came down to a simple tagline: ‘powering innovation’.

Creating a brand

Once we had our tagline and a clear understanding of Procept’s advantages, we created a new corporate look with logo, style sheets, corporate brochure and folder. The result was a transformation. Procept looked like a new company with a clear and confident message.

Using strong success stories

Call us sceptical, but part of our messaging process is to talk to customers. While they rarely contradict our clients, they usually tell us about a ‘secret sauce’ that clients take for granted. With Procept, this was more than true. They gave us fabulous insights, quirky device pictures and priceless quotes that showcased Procept’s differences in a few catchy words.

Building an effective website

The complex old website also didn’t generate any leads so, apart from simpler messaging, it needed a complete re-design and build. We distilled Procept’s technologies and processes into bites that web visitors could understand, with links to the gritty technical details for those who needed them. We optimized pages for search and for readability by humans. It came together really well and, within a few weeks of going live, was generating leads.

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