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  • We had engaged another firm 6 months earlier to do a market appraisal and sales positioning investigation over one month (their recommended timeframe). They effectively regurgitated our existing information with little new work. Technoledge, in two weeks (their recommended timeframe), took our current knowledge and drastically extended it, outlining a number of ways to increase sales and giving particular reasons for not pursuing some paths.

    The project objectives were met and in many ways exceeded such as with extra detail and market databases. I was looking for someone who knew what they were doing and would do a professional job – which means perform and deliver as if they own the company. Technoledge did that.

    Andrew Stein

PolicyPoint is an Australian developer of smart compliance software that ensures employees know company policies, not just that they exist. When the CEO first approached us, he wanted new positioning and direction. 

A clear view to the future

When we looked at PolicyPoint, it did sound a lot like other online training packages, but when we looked more closely, it was clear that participants couldn’t fudge their answers. PolicyPoint had real scenarios to consider and random guesses would not get them through, and participants and the software knew it. It was a very effective system for embedding learning, sequentially and cost-effectively, with follow up and reminders for laggards. All we had to do, was make that clear in a few words.

A plan for growth

Once the company’s real strengths were clear, the way forward was clearer too. Because the company had limited human resources but very wide market application, using partners for fast market penetration made a lot of sense. So, we wrote a quick market action plan that defined the ideal customer type, the target verticals and geographies, and the type of reseller PolicyPoint needed to make traction quickly and effectively.

A professional new look

PolicyPoint’s website didn’t showcase its competitive strengths either, with few details in business language that would engage Compliance Managers, and almost no case studies, even though PolicyPoint had some very impressive global consultants and government agencies as clients. We created a fresh new look for the company with eye-catching graphics and, while the website was being built and tested, set about interviewing multiple customers for strong, compelling case studies. We also developed a compelling business case for potential partners and a suite of marketing collateral to backup email and phone campaigns.

A blitzkrieg

To back up the launch of the new look PolicyPoint complete with arresting new website, we organized concurrent activities – PR in major media to highlight recent wins, ads in selected media, a partner acquisition campaign by phone and in person, and multiple emails to the existing database – to make sure anyone who needed to know about PolicyPoint, did. It worked. PolicyPoint had arrived.

Maintaining momentum

We kept the ball rolling with Policypoint's face and name in the eye of the business public with articles, opinion pieces, collateral, campaigns and PR, and kept the website fresh with compelling case studies and content, designed to attract and engage specific organisations with compliance as a priority.

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