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Pathrec was an unusual biomedical client for us: a company providing medical testing services on behalf of insurance companies. With 2,500 staff across Australia and a proud 17 year history, Pathrec wanted to leapfrog its big competitors with a new service called tele-underwriting.

Unclear advantage

In such a lucrative market, Pathrec faced many competitors, including those with sizable revenue streams from pathology, medical and corporate practice, and global insurance companies who had diversified. They were all saying pretty much the same things too.

Uncontested space

Unlike its competitors, Pathrec just did one thing - medical testing at a very high level – and its network was more extensive than any competitor's, and included access to qualified medical staff in remote locations around Australia.

For the new service, tele-underwriting, which involved an interview by phone followed by booking physical testing, Pathrec’s geographic distribution was a major plus. In short, we were able to position them as the only company that had specialized in insurance medical testing for 17 years in Australia, that had qualified medical and paramedical staff around the country including remote areas, and which was not tied to any particular insurer.

Strong new messaging

Pathrec’s key advantages were built on reputation and trust, and we focused on this, for use in collateral, case studies, handouts and booth messaging for industry conferences, in ads for industry media and in sales collateral used face to face by the CEO..

A compelling website

At the same time, it was vital to back Pathrec’s new messaging with a strong online presence. While we were developing collateral for offline application, we re-structured and redesigned the website from scratch, focusing on skills, reputation, clients and feedback, and enabling visitors to find themselves and sections devoted to their needs, easily and quickly. We gave Pathrec a fresh, professional look, to align the crisp medical side with the needs of the finance industry. Within less than a month, the new website was engaging and converting 600% more leads than ever.

Convincing applications

Concurrently, the CEO was making representation to a number of major insurance companies, and her presentations and submissions had to be compelling and confident. We drafted and edited several, to ensure Pathrec’s unique advantages were unable to be missed. Over 60% were successful.

Compelling emails

Part of getting the word out was contacting existing relationships within Pathrec's database. Admittedly, we targeted very specific types of contacts with highly relevant material, but even we were surprised when download rates of the new offer exceeded 80%. The positioning and campaign based on trust and reputation had worked. Pathrec has since been acquired by long term rival,  LifeScreen.

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