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  • Technoledge gave us a very comprehensive restatement of our value proposition and succinct encapsulation of what we needed to do. Their professionalism, energy and enthusiasm combined to provide an extremely valuable outcome. This is outstanding work.

    One of the things I have held through my career is "credit where credit is due". You did good work - why should I not be prepared to say that? Keep it up.
    Chris Howells
    Senior Advisor

NetLeverage was a pioneer in Virtual Private Desktop technology, offering reliable, robust, plug-and–play devices with advanced features and low TCO. Backed by experienced Australian IT veterans, the company had almost limitless opportunity. We were initially approached to help with planning, focus and messaging.

Global giants

NetLeverage’s flagship product ThinPoint had many applications and benefits. In theory, organisations of any size were prospects, from SMEs to government to enterprise. However, NetLeverage had competitors like Citrix and Microsoft who had sizable reputations, traction and marketing budgets on their side. NetLeverage was still unknown and, so too, were its local distributors and resellers. It was also just getting started so budgets were tight. However, it had many vertical software applications that the big guys couldn’t match, and over 200 successful implementations in Australia.

A clear opportunity

Our analysis revealed a clear opportunity in the Australian SME market: SMEs were 80% of the market and they were demanding lower cost yet higher efficiency, and Australia had low Thin Client adoption rates compared to other global markets. This was the uncontested market space we felt NetLeverage could win, and it was backed by positive growth projections from global industry analysts, too. We felt this was a low risk, low cost, high growth strategy.

Size does matter

The opportunity in Australia alone was huge, and the ability to leverage local growth for global expansion was an obvious road map. Our first task was to reposition the company as a provider to SMEs, focusing on practical business benefits expressed in SME terminology, backed up by quotes from Australian SMEs, and to highlight  the benefits of choosing a local innovator and network. We did this through a suite of collateral focusing on the business benefits of NetLeverage, the company and the technology, used in web, phone and email campaigns.

More resellers too

Concurrently, we set about expanding NetLeverage’s reseller network, by concentrating on those who specialised in the SME market. We created a suite of product and company collateral here too, including a strong business case for engaging with NetLeverage, and used phone, email and web to contact and qualify.Within a few months we had 9 new resellers on board.

Early local traction

By un-complicating NetLeverage’s messages and making it clear who the targets were and how they’d benefit, it was relatively easy to gain new customers and resellers. With new resellers on board, armed with compelling brochures, data sheets and case studies, ThinPoint's growth in the SME space was rapid, and cost-effective for NetLeverage. Compared to tackling its global competitors on their turf, it made sense and it's definitely paid off.

Leverage and expansion

NetLeverage has since duplicated this model, moving into more industries and geographies. NetPoint is still its flagship offering, and the company had added Cloud Hosting to capitalize on growing demand. NetLeverage now operates in Australia, Japan, UK, Europe and North America, and serves over 6,000 customers in government and enterprise, NFP and charities, as well as the SME market where it first started.

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