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  • This is extremely comprehensive and thorough work.
    Linda Lownes

Microskin is a clever, individually colour-corrected, simulated skin designed to treat birthmarks, vitiligo and burns. Its creator, a smart, compassionate woman from Brisbane, had a global market in her sights, when she approached us initially to help with strategy.

Unlike any other product

When we looked at competitors, they seemed to be numerous yet, unlike them, Microskin was not just a simple cover-up makeup. It was individually corrected per person, made from patented ingredients and applied by spraying. This meant it could be worn in rain, underwater, overnight or even for a few days with smudging, rubbing off or changing opacity.

Scientific validation

In order to differentiate Microskin from other products, we felt that the scientific basis of the product should be stressed, so we devised collateral for online and offline use, including trade shows, that focused on a current clinical collaboration with a leading Australian university.

Powerful allies

We also felt that getting dermatologists on board was vital, not just for credibility, but as potential resellers of Microskin. We organized a telemarketing campaign across Australia, which referenced the dermatologsists’ conference and the clinical collaboration, and invited individual practices to participate. Although we found the decision-makers hard to reach directly, we found the many female practice managers both sympathetic and receptive.

A long term plan

Having sorted out the key positioning, messaging and allies, we set about creating a blueprint for growth for Microskin which included high exposure and growth in the local market, including scaling the operation in anticipation of global interest and growth. It worked. Microskin has continued to grow and scale up, and now has clinics in the USA, Asia, the Middle East and Europe

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