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  • Customers keep telling us it’s our pragmatic approach that makes the difference. We don’t tell them that anything is possible, we show them what will work in their situations - and they like that. At last we have some collateral that actually tells our story.
    Alan Schaverien
    Sales & Marketing Director

JanusNet is a clever Australian software company who pioneered the classifications on emails and documents, like ‘personal’, ‘public’ or ‘confidential’  The founders co-authored the Australian Government’s standard for email classification back in 2005. More recently, the CTO contacted us about an upcoming event and a new website.

Finding the advantage

First we had to work out what made janusNet unique: it had 2 very large competitors, one in the UK and one in Canada, whose technology sounded very similar. As often happens in IT, when everyone uses similar terms, the differences are hard to pick. When we dug further, we found that janusNET's technology was quite different – more user friendly, and easier to pick up with less training. It was also more robust; it delivered what it promised and required very little support. These were real gems that just had to be set.

Simplifying the message

We re-defined the key messages, bringing them back to specific benefits for enterprises and their users. With most of janusNet’s customers being in government, ease of deployment and ready acceptance were important benefits; we just had to make this clear. At the time, the company didn’t want a website revamp; they just wanted the message to be clear when web searchers arrived, and for their next actions to be clear - and easy to take. Mission accomplished.

Building thought leadership

Showing your expertise is always more convincing than talking about it, so we suggested backing the company’s positioning with strong, solution-focused collateral, like White Papers. As email and document classification isn't exactly sexy, we suggested being provocative in the approach, highlighting 'top ways to kill a data classification project' rather than the usual ‘how to make it work’ stance. It got attention. Together with a few success stories from some clients with household names, the collateral suite was building nicely, and email download rates were well above Janus's previous rates - and the IT industry average. Mission accomplished two.

Showcasing advantage

More recently, we were asked to capture the janusNet story for InfoSec, the major IT security conference in Europe. Considering that classification is often mandated by government, making it sound sexy can be tricky. We decided to focus on enterprise benefits, capturing the company’s technical advantages for users and decision makers, in an easy ‘3 in 1’ solution approach.

Re-visiting the website

Over time with the CMS accessible to all, some of the old complexity was creeping back into the website. Recently we were asked to redefine key messages, especially for new products and applications. This is work in progress and we expect that a fresh new website look with new functions and optimisation will be next.

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