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  • “We’ve run lots of campaigns with Technoledge with more planned.

    Each time the scripting, emails and data are refined, and each campaign has delivered the target number of leads, all of them pipelined. The system is working very well. “

    Phil Jacobs

Intelledox is an Australian software company, with a very smart Business Process Management platform that helps organisations automate document production. Called Infiniti, it collects customer data from silos all over the network to tailor letters, webforms  and other comms, individually to thousands of recipients. The marketing manager initially called us about lead generation.

A keen edge

First we had to define how Infiniti was different. On the surface it sounded like a lot of other BPM, document management and creation systems but, in fact, it was far, far smarter. All we had to do was capture this difference – in a pitch which would grab readers' attention in 20 seconds.

Immediate leads

With recent legislation changes, there were immediate opportunities in a few industries, so we chose telemarketing as the way to gain quick leads. We used our tech-savvy telemarketers, armed with segmented databases and direct-speaking scripts, and created some short, solution-focused resources to email. It worked so well, we ended up running 8 campaigns over as many months. 

Clear thought leadership

The company was a clear technology leader, yet it had few resources to back it up. We created concise, direct White Papers which focused on real customer problems. Then we recast them for selected industries, using their unique terminology and problems. We also called a few clients, who happily gave us insights that we crafted into colourful, credible success stories. By segmenting resources and data, we saw a 7 fold increase in download rates.

Casting a wider net

Buoyed by this success, the CMO asked us to expand the campaigns to other verticals which had similar problems across Australia and then Asia and the USA. We wrote emails tailored to country, industry and role, which spoke directly to recipients about the issues which were burning for them. We added over 60 short topical application briefs, industry solutions, white papers and authentic case studies, sequenced in multiple parallel campaigns.

Over 2 years, we sent over 70,000 emails. We gained response rates open and download rates 3-5 times higher than Intelledox's previous results and many times over the industry average. Lead quality and quantity were both up, which put smiles on both the CMO and Sales Managers' faces.     


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