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  • As an IT vendor it’s easy to write off messaging and positioning as useless marketing spin.

    I did until Technoledge rewrote our content. It’s less technical, easier to read, flows better, is more understandable and gives us far more credibility – just by changing the words. We’re getting really good feedback on the website.
    Joe Kelly

DAMsmart by name, damn smart by nature. This company has invented really smart software for digitising audiovisual media. Considering that UNESCO estimates that almost 200 million hours of film, TV and sound material will be lost if not digitized, it's a big global market. When the CEO first contacted us, he wanted a way to get more of it. 

What it means

DAM stands for Digital Asset Management and it’s a way to convert big audio visual files into tiny digital files so that, for instance, the contents of US Library of Congress could be backed up in a very small space. With the explosion of audio-visual records since the 1950s, the volume of unprotected media, be it old TV shows or government records, was staggering and many agencies were keen to take protective action.  

What makes DAMsmart so smart

DAMsmart had many competitors, including local and European companies who had added digitisation to existing services. DAMsmart had some key advantages which is wasn’t making clear at all: it had developed leading edge technology which was 1. fully automated (so it was time and cost-effective), 2. based on open standards (so it could digitise any media), and 3. supported by an Australian team who was recognized as the industry pioneers and innovators.  

Uncontested space

DAMsmart's advantages were huge, but no-one knew the company, the people, their expertise or the technology’s strengths, and their website and collateral weren't helping. Our first job was to translate their advantages into key benefits, and to identify the major targets. With local competitors focusing on TV and film archives, the huge opportunity for DAMsmart included government archives, and museum, gallery and library projects, schools and universities and sporting associations. This was a major advantage for DamSmart as these markets represented long term projects, requiring automation and cost-effectiveness, and which demanded absolute accuracy. This was DamSmart's uncontested market space.

A new look and feel 

We devised DAMsmart’s strategy, developed their collateral, accessed databases of likely targets while, at the same time, revised every word on their website. The big job was turning every spec into something meaningful for a non-technical audience: all of their decision-makers were specialists or managers in archive preservation; not one of them had an IT background. It took a while but it worked.

Clarity and resonance

The redesign worked, and the collateral was put to work straight away in telemarketing campaigns targeting specific industries, backed up by email campaigns with useful, authoritative resources. With this combination, the lead generation rate was 10 times the usual rates (1%) and the website backed up the position with clarity and depth. The website has been updated again recently, this time with a new look, yet the original messaging is still shining through. 

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