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Corelli Consulting


Corelli Consulting

  • "At first I found the new website a bit confronting; it wasn’t like a comfy, familiar, old slipper at all.

    Then I started to get feedback like ‘fabulous’, ‘fresh’, ‘informative’, ‘compelling’ ‘succinct’ and ‘impressive’ so I took another look.

    Now I think it’s both beautiful and functional: it does much more than I thought a website could and is orders of magnitude over what I expected."
    Dianne Glenn

Corelli is a rare breed: a specialised bio-industry consulting firm who helps inventors, investors and governments make informed decisions about new technologies,  by providing objective analysis and advice. Working alongside some of the top global consulting firms, the company needed a website that showcased its exceptional talents.

A compelling message and advantage

First we had to cut through the jargon: this company was one of few specialists in a relatively narrow field, in high demand by innovators and those who finance them. New business was mainly gain by referral which, for Corelli, is reliable and constant. Our first task was to turn factual terms like ‘technical due diligence’ into benefits that resonated with stakeholders, and then we could cast Corelli in its true light.

A stunning new website

We chose colours and a new logo that would sit well on reports co-authored with major firms, yet be distinctive and authoritative. Then we structured the website to highlight Corelli’s true strengths, in shapes, colours and words that would engage targets and referral sources. We were diligent, too, in all aspects of SEO and content marketing and, within a month the website traffic and conversions had increased by 400%. This new website was credible and attractive as well as high-performing.

Modern, distinctive collateral

Corelli is a sought-after subject matter expert and co-consultant, so most of its resources are project-specific and confidential. We designed a corporate collateral style and extracted content from existing reports, allowing us to shine a light on Corelli’s exceptional skills and processes, while protecting its clients’ identities and projects.

A quiet achiever

The approach is working: without any chest-beating, Corelli is recognised as a consultancy with rare and valued skills, and the website and collateral back it up, and engages and converts those seeking this rare combination.

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