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  • "It was a difficult project because the science was complex and had to be technically correct, but it also had to be understood by non-scientists.

    We hold many patents, so it had to be legally correct too. I can’t think of another company that could have done this.”

    Peter French

Benitec Biopharma is really clever Australian biotech with a game-changing therapy called ddRNAi which ‘turns off’ the genes that cause disease. It’s been at the cutting edge of ‘gene silencing’ since 2001 and, a few years ago, the CEO wanted a complete corporate makeover.

A clear message and strong position

First we had to translate what they do. It was all in serious ‘science speak’ yet the audience was mainly shareholders and analysts, plus potential pharma partners, patients and collaborators. We recast Benitec as a leader and innovator, showcasing the business and the opportunity, while remaining true to the science and the company’s 100 or so patents. We focused on Benitec's clear technology advantage: RNA that was expressed by the cell, not made in the lab and introduced.

A fresh, thought-leading image

We created a fresh new corporate identity and built a vivid new website to showcase it. Benitec’s true advantage was in the biotechnology, so we retained the science but made it easier to understand. Because their big US competitors had thin, promotional websites, we cast Benitec as the thought leader, making the website deep and credible to emphasis their clear technology advantage. Within a few weeks, in terms of website hits and conversions, it was outperforming the old one by a factor of 5. 

New collateral to support 

Since then, we’ve created a suite of marketing collateral - Annual Reports and CEO Updates, investor newsletters, Inside Stories and presentations - to showcase the company’s extraordinary people and technology. Benitec and its media and investor relations people use this collateral to explain the intricacies of its astonishing technology, in simple language tailored to individual stakeholder types. We also put it to work in email campaigns across a global databases, which enjoy download rates 5-10 times higher than the industry average.

A global player

In recent years, Benitec has been compared favourably with its competitors who are based on the US, UK an Japan and are still many times Benitec's size. Benitec has increased its market cap manifold, has gained several high profile US-based institutional investors, and has one program on Phase I/IIa clinical trials. Late in 2015, the company listed on the US NASDAQ.

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