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  • I was overseas and our BDM was unavailable, so we hadn’t given Technoledge much to work with. When the conference was 4 days away, we realised we had to move immediately.

    It was just as well the Technoledge guys had been busy doing the analyses while we were away. They wrote the brochure from scratch in one sitting and, with a few image adjustments, it was ready to go to the graphics team in just 24 hours. We made the deadline with an hour to spare. Impressive.

    Dr Greg Roger

Australia is renowned for Biomedical innovation and ASDM is a clear example: robust, reliable orthopedic devices, developed in conjunction with an eminent Australian surgeon. The CEO first contacted us about preparation for a major conference.

Unclear advantage

When we looked at ASDM (Advanced Surgical Design and Manufacture, now part of Allegra) its advantages were anything but clear. The brochures and presentations were almost impenetrable and the market was crowded with makers of prostheses, implants and instruments, all making very similar claims. The competitors were huge too: major US and European manufacturers, many times bigger with huge budgets for promotion, and for persuasion of analysts and surgeons too.

Advancing into history

We conducted a detailed literature search and found that there were problems with many of competing devices, causing most manufacturers to constantly have to bring out ‘advancements’ for faulty or low-performing devices. Conversely, ASDM had remained true to its original design and its patented UltraFinish surface and 15 years later, its patients were still walking or running around on ADSM's prostheses. It was also clear that ASDM could not match the promotional muscle of its competitors, regardless of the performance of their products. We decided to go back to ASDM’s roots.

A bold fearless stance

It was also clear that ASDM couldn't take on global competitors head-on, especially as many of its global competitors were already in ASDM's own backyard, Australia. We had to win the backyard back first, and then move outwards. We decided to focus on ASDM's unique strengths in its uncontested space: ASDM was the only manufacturer focused on a small range of specialized devices, based on designs, materials and methods that had proven 'survivourship' of 15 years in Australia. The company also supports local surgeons seeking to commercialise their own innovations, so it held local sway not just a local track record.

Getting public and personal

We created messaging and a suite of collateral to support the new position, in preparation for the upcoming Australian Othopedics Association meeting, and for ongoing engagement with surgeons. In campaigns following the conference, surgeons were contacted to persuade them to use ASDM’s devices and to collaborate on devices and instrumentation. The new approach focused on demonstrable strengths worked.

ASDM has since become part of Allegra Orthopedics but the positioning remains strong and effective.

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