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  • The last marketing company we used cost us a lot of money and gave us nothing of any value. We gave them quite a good chance too. With Technoledge, you’ve been open and direct with us, giving us constant feedback and adjustment. More than that, the initial analysis was more valuable than anything we gained from the others. I’m very comfortable with this process.

    Sam Forbes

You’ve probably heard of the ‘5 Whys’ - the 5 questions that drill down to the real cause of a problem. Well, 6YS took it one further, to find the real problems that professionally managed IT services can solve. Based in Brisbane, the CEO first approached us about lead generation.

Not the first cab

We’d been speaking to the CEO a year before, yet he’d decided to choose a local marketing agency to help him. We were a pleased when he came back to us a year later, when the other agency hadn't really grasped 6YS’s key advantages so had found it tough to differentiate the company and gain any leads.

A clear differentiator

Our first task was to find out that make 6YS really tick, and how to make that clear so we could define their uncontested space. The answer was simple: 6YS helped time-poor owners and managers of Queensland-based SMEs to get back to business by handing over their IT to 6YS, who provided reliable, cost-effective, cloud-based IT managed services. 6Ys didn’t need to tackle the rest of Australia or the world – just to dominate where it had local advantage.

Building credibility

We felt that 6YS needed to prove its business case, not just claim it, so we wrote a series of short 4 page White Papers, segmented by industry, designed for busy, time-poor SME owners and managers. We sequenced them in parallel campaigns, that ranked lead quality and prompted sales people to call recipients after they'd shown sustained interest over a few papers. Download rates were 4 times what the previous agency had achieved and lead quality was higher too ; the CEO and sales team were delighted.

Being timely and relevant

It happened to be monsoon season too, which had unexpected impact for 6YS. There were significant flooding and business disruption in Brisbane at the time, yet 6YS’s customers were unaffected because their infrastructure was securely located, distant from the problem areas. This presented an opportunity, if it were handled the right way: 6Ys offered instant access to hosted infrastructure and software, free for a month for any non-customer business, struggling to get back onto their feet. In a well-timed and sympathetic campaign, by email and phone, 6YS did more than just generate  host of high quality leads; it developed trust and good community goodwill which lasted a long time.

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