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Technology Marketing Projects: take a peek

These are typical of our work 

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Websecure is a forward-thinking IT security and risk management specialist. Based in Sydney, the company overlays 'best in class' products with its own IP to create unique solutions for IT risk, security and compliance. When we first met the Sales Director, he wanted some fast leads.


DAMsmart by name, damn smart by nature. This company has invented really smart software for digitizing audiovisual media. Considering that UNESCO estimates that almost 200 million hours of film, TV and sound material will be lost if not digitized, it's a big global market. When the CEO first contacted us, he wanted a way to get more of it.


JanusNet is a clever Australian software company which pioneered the classifications like ‘personal’, ‘public’ or ‘confidential’ you see on emails and documents. The founders co-authored the Australian Government’s standard for email classification back in 2005. More recently, the CTO contacted us about an upcoming event and a new website.

Benitec Biopharma

Benitec Biopharma is a really clever Australian biotech with a game-changing therapy called ddRNAi which ‘turns off’ the genes that cause disease. It’s been at the cutting edge of ‘gene silencing’ since 2001 and, a few years ago, the CEO wanted a complete corporate makeover.

Corelli Consulting

Corelli is a rare breed: a specialist bio-industry consultancy which provides objective analysis of new technologies and ventures, so inventors, investors and governments can make informed 'yes' or 'no' decisions. Working with some of the Big 4 firms, Corelli needed a website that showcased its unique talents.


PolicyPoint is an Australian developer of smart compliance software that ensures employees know company policies, not just know that they exist somewhere. When the CEO first approached us, he wanted new positioning and direction.


Tier-3 has developed possibly the smartest enterprise IT security platform on the planet, called Huntsman, yet the company isn't based in the US; it's right here in Sydney. The CEO first called us wanting convincing collateral for the upcoming InfoSec conference in the UK. After 18 months, his then marketing agency still didn’t ‘get’ what Tier-3 did.


Australia is renowned for Biomedical innovation and ASDM is a clear example: robust, reliable orthopedic devices, developed in conjunction with an eminent Australian surgeon. The CEO first contacted us with a major conference in mind.


Intelledox is an Australian software company, with a very smart communications platform. Called Infiniti, it collects customer data from silos all over the network to tailor letters, webforms and other comms, individually to thousands of recipients. The marketing manager initially called us about lead generation.


Procept is an Australian firm that creates small, robust electronic devices that solve unusual problems – like body worn medical sensors and devices to monitor bird calls in the wild. Leading an award-winning Australian company, the MD first approached us about a new corporate look.


You’ve probably heard of the ‘5 Whys’ - the 5 questions that drill down to the real cause of a problem. Well, 6YS took it one further, to find the real problems that professionally managed IT services can solve. Based in Brisbane, the CEO first approached us about lead generation.


Zettanet is part of the highly successful Zetta Group of IT service companies, based in Perth and run by Dr Nathan Harman. When he first contacted us, he wanted some quick runs for his newly-opened ZettaServe office in Sydney.

Blue Apache

Winner of CRN Fast 50 and a host of other awards, Blue Apache is an agile, fast-growing Managed IT Services Provider to small to medium businesses across Australia. When the MD initially contacted us, he wanted to win his first industry award for excellence


You might not connect Austrade with hi-tech, but it does a massive job promoting Australian innovations overseas. The Senior Export Advisor first contacted us to help her 30 Biotech clients un-complicate their pitches, for an upcoming forum of overseas investors.


Swapace is a very smart online marketplace, where members can buy, sell, barter and swap goods and services, as well as negotiate and meet. Created in Australia and subsequent winner of awards for innovation and fast growth, when the CEO first approached, he had a small challenge. He wanted us to help him take on eBay.


Microskin is a clever, individually colour-corrected, simulated skin designed to treat birthmarks, vitiligo and burns. Its creator, a smart, compassionate woman from Brisbane, had a global market in her sights, when she approached us initially to help with strategy.


NetLeverage was a pioneer in Virtual Private Desktop technology, offering reliable, robust, plug-and–play devices with advanced features and low TCO. Backed by experienced Australian IT veterans, the company had almost limitless opportunity. We were initially approached to help with planning, focus and messaging.


Pathrec was an unusual biomedical client for us: a company providing medical testing services on behalf of insurance companies. With 2500 staff across Australia and a proud 17 year history, Pathrec wanted to leapfrog its big competitors with a new service called tele-underwriting.

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