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Re-targeting, Re-marketing or Repugnant Advertising?

Thursday, August 15, 2013 - Kim Brebach

Re-marketing - why it is really re-Advertising

Have you been stalked by a pair of shoes lately?

If you’ve looked at products on a website, you may find ads for these things following around. ‘It’s weird to have a pair of shoes I looked at on a brand’s website follow me around the web for days or even weeks,’ writes Doug Kessler at Velocity Partners. I had the same experience after I downloaded a PDF on lead generation from a site: now the banners follow me everywhere I go.
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Marketing Goals vs Strategy vs Tactics – 5 Lessons from Footie

Tuesday, August 06, 2013 - Tracey James

Marketing goals vs strategy vs tactics. 5 lessons from Footie

What about a goal?

I was gob-smacked the other day when a new client CEO asked us to focus the meeting on strategy. He then  proceeded to detail tactics for the next hour. I didn’t want embarrass him in front of his team, but it wasn’t just the strategy-tactics confusion; he hadn’t shared the big picture with them, but had with us. We knew the end game and the agreed strategies to get there, but they didn’t, so strategy wasn’t going to be blinding anyone that day.
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3 Dumb Ways to Lose B2B prospects

Friday, August 02, 2013 - Kim Brebach

B2B Content - why even the experts get it wrong

Yet we see these mistakes every day. 

You can come up with the smartest headlines and subheads; you can craft terrific content and polish it with the skills of a master wordsmith; you can target the distribution of your
content with exquisite specificity … you can do all of this but you’ll fail to reach your audience if you haven’t taken care of the 3 biggest turn-offs.  Read more

Content Marketing - Stop Flooding My Inbox

Thursday, June 20, 2013 - Kim Brebach

Content Marketing l Why more is a whole lot less

The Deluge is already here. 

You’ve read about the flood of mediocre content coming your way, created by people who used to do SEO and link building and more, and now claim to be content marketers.   Read more

Telemarketing – When You Need the Human Touch

Tuesday, June 11, 2013 - Tracey James

Telemarketing l Why and when you need the human touch

The Yacks are Back. 

‘Could you put your yacks on the job?’ a client asked once. Thinking of hairy, horned, Himalayan bovines, I was puzzled, until it clicked that those ones have no ‘c’. He was talking about ‘the ones who yack’ – my telemarketers – and five years later we’re still using them - but very differently.
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Content Planning – How to Make it a Holiday

Monday, April 08, 2013 - Tracey James

Content Planning l How to Make it a Holiday

…and not be left by the roadside. 

You wouldn’t jump into the car and head North with no destination, map or GPS, so how is heading into the unknown of content creation and distribution any different?
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Content Marketing – Why Choice is like My Kitchen Rules

Friday, March 22, 2013 - Tracey James

Content Marketing l Why Choice is like My Kitchen Rules

Great content is like great cooking. 

We all know that content is all that matters and content marketing is the only way to market. Its a bit like
MasterChef and My Kitchen Rules: they're novel ways to make cooking popular, but how different are the basics? You still have to create a great meal: you just have to do it in limited time in a highly competitive environment. Isn't that just like marketing? We'll show you how to create content quickly - and make it good enough to win over the toughest judges.  Read more

Why Content Marketing is like Dating

Wednesday, March 20, 2013 - Tracey James

Why Content Marketing is like Dating

The new rules. 

Back in the 90’s there was a book called the
‘The New Rules’ which was all about dating. I thought it was a bit corny at the time but it was very popular; it became a cult and was even updated recently. Content marketing is a lot like dating – you’re using your content to engage others, so it pays to know the rules and, unlike the book, they’re not all written down.   Read more

Why Content Marketing isn’t Spray Tanning

Monday, March 18, 2013 - Tracey James

Why Content Marketing Is Not Spray Tanning

Don't spray and pray. 

When I first started in marketing, some marketers used the 'spray & pray' technique, which meant chucking anything out there, hoping some might hit the right target and stick. It wasn’t a method I advocated then and don’t now: it’s a bit like trying to get a spray tan in a gale. The result won’t be effective – or pretty.
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Presentation Skills – How to Turn Techies Into Sales Assets

Friday, March 01, 2013 - Tracey James

Sales people who talk too much can kill the sale, but techies who can't talk at all or who blurt out 'facts' at inconvenient times can too. Discover how I learned from bitter experience (I was the former) why selling is a skill that both sales and technical teams need - and why we developed Soft Skills for Techies.   Read more

Customers keep telling us it’s our pragmatic approach that makes the difference. We don’t tell them that anything is possible, we show them what will work in their situations - and they like that. At last we have collateral that actually tells our story.
Alan Schaverien
Sales & Marketing Manager, Janusnet


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The last marketing company we used cost us a lot of money and gave us nothing of any value. We gave them quite a good chance too. With Technoledge, you’ve been open and direct with us, giving us constant feedback and adjustment. More than that, the initial analysis was more valuable than anything we gained from the others. I’m very comfortable with this process.
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