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How We Increased Web Traffic 800% in 30 days

Sunday, June 29, 2014 - Tracey James

How We Increased Web Traffic 800 percent | Technoledge

To be honest, until very recently I was embarrassed by our website.

It was like the builder and the leaky roof: we’d made our clients' websites look and perform brilliantly, yet ours was as stale as old bread. And we’d been complacent too; our work was all from referrals, so I kept putting off the website redesign. I was always far too busy.  Read more

13 Fast and Simple Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Tuesday, June 17, 2014 - Tracey James

13 Simple Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic | Technoledge

Is blogging just a waste of time?

If you think it is, this survey from Hubspot survey may change your mind: surveying 7,000 of their client companies, Hubspot found that companies who blog:  Read more

Content Creation: Producing Junk at the Speed of Light?

Monday, June 02, 2014 - Kim Brebach

Content Creation: Why Less is More | Technoledge

How did Henry Ford's assembly line mass production become the role model for Content Creation?

Most days, I check Twitter for useful posts from the smart marketers we follow, and I’m seeing an obvious trend: the amount of content is growing exponentially, while original content is becoming harder to find.  Read more

How to Triple your Email Open Rates

Saturday, May 24, 2014 - Kim Brebach

How to Triple your Email Open Rates l Technoledge

The subject line is your only weapon

Email still works in B2B marketing, but people get more and more email each week, and the noise level keeps rising, so you have to slug it out with the rest to win your target’s attention. The email subject line is about all you have to do that. A few words, that’s it.   Read more

Content Creation. How to Make it Childs Play

Friday, May 23, 2014 - Tracey James

Content Creation l How to Make it Childs Play l Technoledge

How to create great content without a huge design team

You know how important it is to create original content and to split it into digestible bits — so  your audience can consume where and when they want it. The great Doug Kessler from Velocity Partners first called this process ‘atomisation’ in 2012 and it absolutely holds true today.   Read more

Native Advertising – Smart Marketing or Dumb Deception?

Monday, May 05, 2014 - Kim Brebach

Native Advertising - a gimmick for a dying industry l Technoledge

'Native advertising is the latest gimmick for infusing a dying old industry (and a sickly new one) with desperately needed cash.’

So says Bob Garfield in The Guardian. Native Advertising is content that blends seamlessly with other articles on a website, both in style and context. It’s visually indistinguishable from these and therefore tends to ambush readers. That’s what makes it different from the advertorials and infomercials of old, which were typically tagged as such and branded by their sponsors.   Read more

Why is Penfolds trashing Grange - its iconic brand?

Friday, May 02, 2014 - Kim Brebach

How Penfolds has forgotten marketing 101 l Technoledge

Brands are delicate - and easily damaged

Just after Barry O'Farrell famously showcased the value of Grange in his swansong as NSW Premier, Penfolds seems to be doing the exact opposite.  Read more

Big Data for Marketing – Separating Hype from Hope

Friday, April 25, 2014 - Kim Brebach

Big Data for Marketing - read the fine print l Technoledge

Is Big Data ready for the Real World of B2B Marketing? 

Or is it just the latest fad designed to confuse the innocent and mislead the ignorant?

A child born in 2012 will leave a data footprint detailed enough to assemble a day-by-day, even a minute-by-minute, account of his or her entire life, online and offline, from birth until death … ,’ writes Mark Sullivan in PCWorld. ‘Virtually every piece of personal information that you provide online will end up being bought and sold, segmented, packaged, analysed, repackaged, and sold again.’
  Read more

What Content Works - Get Inside Buyers' heads

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 - Tracey James

Find out what content actually works B2B l Technoledge

What do Eccolo Media and MKR have in common?

We dig into Eccolo’s excellent 2014 B2B Technology Content Survey.

We’ve likened content marketing to dating, My Kitchen Rules, taking a family holiday and sending Christmas cards, and said it's nothing like spray tanning. But the big questions are what content works with whom, where and when?  Read more

Effective Landing Pages – Much Less is Much More,

Monday, April 07, 2014 - Kim Brebach

Find out why less is much better for landing pages l Technoledge

It’s the KISS principle again:  Your landing pages are your first chance to show visitors everything you can do – but please don’t. Keep it simple. Give visitors one message and one call to action – or they’ll do the very thing you don’t want them to do: leave in confusion.  Read more

Customers keep telling us it’s our pragmatic approach that makes the difference. We don’t tell them that anything is possible, we show them what will work in their situations - and they like that. At last we have collateral that actually tells our story.
Alan Schaverien
Sales & Marketing Manager, Janusnet


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As an IT vendor it’s easy to write off messaging and positioning as useless marketing spin. I did, until Technoledge rewrote our content. It’s less technical, easier to read, flows better, is more understandable and gives us far more credibility – just by changing the words. I was very surprised.
Joe Kelly
CTO, DAMsmart


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